I am having some (to put it lightly) trouble with the owners at the salon where I rent a room. One of them seems to have a problem with me and is always coming at me with different issues. I have branded myself with my own business name and after about 5 months, they are now saying they have a problem with it. I have created a FB page, website and a Yelp page all with this name. I am a new Esthetician and they are a new salon. They do not have a website and their FB page is not used. I needed to get my business off the ground so I took the initiative to do it. I am building and becoming successful. This seems to be an issue for one of the owners, sadly. 

Am I doing something wrong? I was told that I should be doing this. I have also seen other Estheticians do this. 

How do I handle this? I don't mind being a team player and maybe making my business name smaller and highlighting the name of the salon on my brochures. I want to keep the peace but also be smart about the business side.

Thank you so much!

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It sounds like you are doing everything right, and maybe they are jealous that they are not building as quickly.  They can't expect you to do all the work for them as well.  Maybe suggest combining efforts to promote together?  If that doesn't work, since you have your own business with clients, can you look into moving to a different location?   What kind of issues is one of the owners 'coming at you' about?  Have they stated exactly what their problem is with what you are doing?  

I have to agree with Jodi!

You are doing an amazing job of promoting YOUR business.

It is not your job to promote their business.

Where I was renting I did all my own promotional/marketing material.

Sometimes we did joint advertising or promotions...nothing wrong with that.

If there is nothing prohibiting you from certain things in your lease then try not to worry about it.

I can see where there may be issues with you using their name on some of your materials, so be careful about that.  But they can do their own brochures and marketing!

It IS nicer when you can support each other though, so I hope that you can come to an agreement.

It is best to avoid confrontation, so, you might what to take the passive-agressive route - LOL

Smile and nod when they come at you...then just go do what you wanted anyway! (jk - I am only half serious here - it really works better when everyone can be upfront and honest)

Hi Kate

Do not undo what you have already done by branding your business. You are doing nothing wrong! Don't change your brochures or highlight the salon name.  On my brochures I have : Face It Beautiful Skin Care-and in small print-Located inside of 1240 Salon & Spa.  Even though you are located inside this establishment you want to stand apart from their business.

I rent a room as well and have done the same thing you have done.  The owner did not have a problem but what I did offer was to update their website (old, old information) and created a Yelp and  FB page for the salon. What helps her, helps me and vice a versa.  I spent time doing this in between clients and on my days off.  Didn't take too long and was a good investment of my time.  The owner appreciated what I did to help her salon but still has lots to do on her own to promote her business.

If the owner is resistant or you're unable to help her promote her salon then look for another place to rent if she doesn't see the light.  It would be in your best interest to help her get launched.  This could potentially bring you many clients.


The salon I work with is very established with many seasoned estheticians.  When they saw how much business I was getting it really put fire under their buns and inspired them to market themselves on their own.  It was a win-win situation for all. I don't mind a little friendly competition ;O)


Thank you! I am getting very frustrated!! When I first started, I would try to incorporate my marketing with their name and come up with ideas that would include both of us. I learned that one of the owners didn't like that. She was making it clear that she wanted me to stay out of the way. I have been told that she is threatened by me. I think it is very beneficial for us to all work together and try to include each other on everything promotional but I have given up. I now just do my own thing. They even came up with their own menu of services (brochure type things) for the salon and did not include my services on it. 

Every month or so it is something new that I am doing wrong. When I talk to other people in the business, I find that I am doing nothing different than everyone else. They just don't understand b/c they do hair. I'm the only Esthetician.

I tried to help with a website but that idea was also shut down. I have experience in all of this b/c I have done all of this for myself plus I did all of it for my dads businesses. I'm not a pro but I understand social media.

I've looked around for other jobs but not a lot available in my area. There are a lot of perks to where I am too. I get retail my product (they haven't figured out how much money can be made on that yet), I can advertise for free in the shopping center, I live 5 minutes from the salon and a few more reasons. Leaving doesn't make sense...yet. :)

Don't get frustrated Kate!

Just keep doing your own thing.

You have a couple of good avenues to promote yourself, and I think you can make a good little business for yourself without moving. Don't be so sensitive to criticism, but do respect the one owners wishes not to be included on your marketing efforts.  And probably, eventually, they will come around.

Too bad the salon owners don't get that co-operation and cross promotion is good for everyone!

Denise's story is inspiring - she made her stuation better by pulling up those around her and probably increased everyones' business in the process. Great attitude and accomplishment Denise!

Where I was, even though I had my own website(s) and FB page, my services are on their website and I was allowed to post my specials on their FB page too, as well as being included in email marketing. Heck, the email marketing was almost always about me!

This is your "trial by fire" in running and building your business.  The things your learn now, including what not to do, will stay with you forever and be helpful if/when you do need to move, expand, or open your own place!

Thanks Cindy! I've learned not to be so sensitive about it. It was hard at first b/c I thought I was just trying to help so I didn't understand the problem. I love what I do so much that I won't let them affect the big picture. Working together would have been ideal but that clearly won't happen. I'm happy with my progress.

I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing. Glad to know I am. Thank you everyone! :)

Hi Kate,

It's unfortunate when salon or spa owners do not understand what it means to rent a room to an independent contractor, who will be running THEIR own business, not the business of the salon or spa. When you rent space, you are in essence your own boss. This happens time and time again, it is so frustrating. Kudos to you though that you are doing an awesome job building your practice, you go girl! Keep up the good work, and hopefully the salon owner that's giving you trouble will chill out. One thing you might do, is to network with the stylists or other professionals in the salon, in a way that makes the salon owner 'feel better' that you are spreading the success, so to speak. If a stylist is slow and needs business, offer to give your esthetic clients a pretty gift card of $ off a specific service with this stylist (Of course the stylist has to agree with the amount off to do the service). Usually, it's the esthetician that offers this to the stylists clients as often the stylists are already booked up, but hey, it can work both ways! Maybe the salon owner then would see that you aren't 'hoarding clients' and that you are trying to work harmoniously with the rest of the team.

At any rate, you're doing an awesome job, and keep up the good work! Working for yourself takes effort and determination, you and obviously have both. Good for you!

Trust me, I totally feel you!!!  I am in a similar situation, well not that the owner doesn't l;ike me, but is very controlling and opinionated and I have a huge problem with parking.  I started with the gungho attitude that we were all a team and quickly realized, no, it's if I want to get my name out i do all the work and then if I bring people they reap the benefits..UUMM no.  They do not advertise and have hand written faded signs.  I have no signage bc I was told it had to be a certain size and could only have my logo...well thats neen nixed and I took the initiative to make signs professionally and they will be here soon!  I also was told I had to co-op the front where there is a store (I have my own little house as part of a welness center)...and while I was cool at first with that, I shortly thought, NAH!!  If I am not busy then I am going ot be out nbetowrking and making connections for possible clients, not sitting in a store that gets hardly any traffic.  Then I was being asked to open the damn store and I would usually open late to prove a point so I finally gave up all together on that and realized, is anyone opening my place??  NOPE!  Lastly, I was told that all of my marketing material had to have their name, and I did that at first, Name, website, phone number...not it just says the name of the placve very small...on the back!!  Anything else that I do marketing wise like if I run an add or something is only all nabout me and my business.  You HAVE to take care of yourself and if they are making an uncomfortable environment, I would start seeking other options.  I unfortuantely put a lot of $$ into remodeling the place I rented so I have to at least sign another year...but I am keeping my options open and not saying never.  If you aren't getting traffic from the salon and walkins but all from your own marketing, then really what's the point, especially if they don't wnat to work together with you.  I really hop[e things work out for you and soon bc trust me, it gets to be such a negative environment and then it will start affecting you every time you come in and being in our field, we do not need any negativity so we can give our clients the best treatment possible.  PLease keep us posted on how things go there and what you decide to do. 


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