im a new esty and i was called for an interview from a medical med spa and now they have offered me the position for $8 hr and 5% comission on all laser services i do. im responsible to market all services and use my own vehicle. i really want to get trained for lasers and get the experience. they want to expand into doing medical grade facials but thats within time. what do you girls it too little ?

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Not sure what the minimum wage is in Texas where you are from ( i looked) but $8 does seem low to me. Maybe that is minimum wage in Tx.   By law you cannot be paid less than minimum wage.   The 5% also seems a bit measly to me   BUT look at it for now as experience.  This could be very good experience for you as getting into the medical field can be hard without that experience.    Try to learn as much as you can when you are there and enjoy the process regarding it as a learning curve and a good foundation for now, rather than the monetary side of it.   Just don't let them take advantage of  you too much (in other words, don't find yourself out of pocket financially due to marketing expenses etc, etc)   New Esthy's can be taken advantage of sometimes, this bothers me.  Please know your worth and value and don't let them insult your intelligence and nature.

Its a Lil more than minimum pay. And 5% is very little. I just hope I don't loose more money than make. But I see it as a chance to gain experience. I just don't want to get ripped off because I can't afford loosing money. Thank you for your advice means a lot!

It might be worth you asking them if the pay scale is up for negotiation after a probation period.  Maybe if you prove a good employee they will hopefully recognize your value and give you a raise.  Won't hurt to ask.  It shows you are on your toes and not a carpet that can be walked on!

You are right.. I am gonna ask. Thanks Claire!

Medical Offices know esties want the experience and they take advantage of that. I worked for a dermatologist in 1998 for $8/hr plus 35% commission & I felt that was way too low. It was a tough job the dr gave us way too much responsibility. I was constantly worried about liability issues. All that considered, I do feel it was a great learning experience. I gained experince that I could have not gotten elsewhere. It was sort of like being paid to go to school since the dr was really into education his staff. I only stayed a year though because the paychecks were just too small. If I was interviewing for another job in a med office, I would definitely negotiate the pay.

Be careful.  If you want to do lasser, I do beleive there is a three week intesive laser certification in AZ.  Liability can be an issue but the laws are soo different state by state on lasers.  I do hope that the physician is within 30 min away...I would want direct supervision. This is recent in Missouri...a lawsuit filed against a medical spa.  I would just be careful in what you do hun.

That sounds awful to me. Can you survive on $8 and hour?! If you can, and you are really only doing this for experience, I suppose paid training is better than non-paid. It sounds pathetic that you would be doing all of the marketing- what do you mean by using your own vehicle, are you expected to go elsewhere besides to and from work? Hmmm...I don't like when anyone is taken advantage of, just be very cautious if you do decide to do this for the experience. My advise is to have very clear expectations, and communicate very clearly with your employer what you will and will not be doing. Like Claire mentioned, don't have them hire you and then keep expecting you to do more for them for that pitiful amount! Everyone has to start somewhere and I understand that, but you also should not be taken advantage of either, just because they they feel they can.

If you can use it for experience, short term, it miiiiight be worthwhile but you should AT LEAST negotiate and see if they'll go higher. $8 an hour is ridiculous for any kind of skilled job. Think of it from the client's viewpoint ... would you expect/hope that a trained professional who is about to use a freakin' LASER on your face or body is a minimum wage worker?!

Aside from that, though, unless they said in the interview that this is a non-negotiable, take-it-or-leave-it offer, you should assume that any initial pay offer is open to negotiation. This is true in any profession. They might say $8, expecting that the interviewee will then say they were really looking for jobs in the $15 range, and maybe expect to eventually settle on $10 or $12 or whatever. In this economy, and especially when interviewing someone they know is a new graduate, employers know a lot of people will just say yes to the first offer and not try to negotiate. But you really, really should do this every time you interview. And then if it turns out they are genuinely not willing to go above $8, there's no harm done, they'll just say so and then you can say yes or no to the job.

5% is NOTHING! I make 10% off of every product I sell and let me tell you, I do NOT depend on it to pay the bills.


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