Need help in setting up product display in my room. Any ideas???

I need help in setting up a retail display and tester area.

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Here is mine.  Very product oriented and for the professional but at the same time is great for the user in a one-on-one training session.  Really the only thing that I need to point out is the glass, see it?

The glass allows for a different way to see, touch and feel the products and their formula makeup.  Its different then when you feel on the skin.  Other then that just my way of doing things but really its not fluffy or basic retail at all.  Best of luck to you.


Thanks Marty, You have some inventory there! I was over at Ulta and looking at they way they display their products and wondered if I could find a lighted box to put things on top of. Maybe a trip to home depot might help. I love that skin layer poster you have, need to find one of those too. Thanks! Shelley


Funny. :)  Thats only the front retail, does not include what is for distributors or pro sales.

As for the poster, email me and I will give it to you and you can have it printed and matted.


Oooh Marty you're appealing to the obsessively organized side of myself.  Very nice looking.  If only we all had so much product!


Retail is key.  Its 80% of the success.  Find a line without minimums and one that will help you grow.

Your retail shelf should be pretty stacked, I know it costs money but its very important.  Your only touching your clients 1- 3 times a month on the very dedicated so the home protocols and care are like the yellow brick road. :))


Thanks Marty. I fall in love with a different line every week, but the ones I keep coming back to are Sesha (it does a lot for MY skin) and Osmosis. Dermalogica and GM Collins are what we used in school but they just don't get it about parabens. I had early breast cancer and got a vaccine and have gotten into immunology and environmental influences on cellular mutations so the less toxic for me, the better. Oh yes, email is, I appreciate it! Shelley

my website for the vaccine is if you know anyone interested. It is a virtual epidemic amongst young women so you probably do know women with it.


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