I started doing micro-needling in January 2014.  I went with Dermapen for a few reasons.  I need to purchase another one and wanted to know if anyone has used Dermapen and another company that they prefer.  I don't have any problems with dermapen, just wanted to see if there was something better out there.

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have you tried Dermatud?  I did an Internship at a medi-spa here in CO and it was a very popular treatment. we loved it mainly because the needles are disposable.   http://www.dermatude.com/dermatude-products/

Meso pen bellaire

Try Bellaire Industries/Sing Hong. He offers 2 pens (Meso and My-M) and they have disposable needle cartridges.

Just saw this post...  I am currently looking to purchase a microneedle pen.  I saw some videos of micropen treatments and they are gross!  Too much blood for an esthetician IMO.
I've purchased other equipment from Bellaire... is that still a good option?  
Does anyone know the difference between the Meso and My-M pens?  Is it just the Meso is all metal?  That's quite a jump in price between the two.
I like the Dermatude video without all the bleeding!!
Thanks for any info!


From when I purchased the Meso a few years back, I believe I remember him explaining that the motor is different between the two pens, but Sing Hong is very helpful with the details of his equipment, so it would be a great idea to get a full explanation from him.  I remember trying both units on a banana at his trade show booth and there was something about the Meso that clearly stood out as superior to me.

As for the bleeding, that all depends on the depth.  The Meso is fully adjustable from 0-2mm.  My price is commensurate with the results that are gained with deeper treatment (1.5 is about as high as I go), but you don't have to go that high or charge that much.  You can keep the needle setting lower and refer to it as a mini needling treatment.  Just bear in mind the cost of the cartridges - they are $12 each not including shipping, which is a large cost per treatment.

I am curious as to why the original poster needs a new pen after just a year and a half?  Problems with the Dermapen?  Or just expanding business?

SkinPen and Dermatude(around $2800)


Thanks, I've heard good things about Dermatude!

I really like the Dermapen.

I use Rejuvapen in a medical facility, the only one I have used and I like it


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