How do you market your services to attract new clients?


What promos are you planning for this year?

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I do punch cards from Vista Print and offer 50% off on their 6th visit. Also I put up flyers on college bill boards offering a free treatment the 1st Monday of the month as long as I can use there photo for advertising and once they're in my chair I offer a free facial treatment for every referal booked with me.

Create value in your services, when they call tell them that you have one spot open even when your wide open, that's creates that your time in valuable and you have lots of clients. just don't undervalue yourself. loyalty cards are good, but i would give 25% off a certain number. but remember your products cost you money so don't just give it away. or you could have lots of people just wanting deals and not returning clients. 

Google pay per click drives the majority of our new customers.

Since we moved to our new location in October, nearly 1/3 of our customers are first-timers and nearly all of them come through Google searches.  We get some from Trip Advisor and Yelp, but less than 25% of new people.

Its not cheap -- about $300 a week at current click rates, but our average ticket is $150 so it is well worth it.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.

I don't run too many specials, I find the people that come in for the special are ONLY looking for the best deal and generally don't come back, but I do have a monthly membership that gives 20% off select waxing services for being a member.

I know this post is old, but the timing of it is right as we start to think about the new year and business plans.

I was in private practice up North for 10 years and did every back flip I could think of to get new clients in the door - some expensive, some not.  When it came down to it - it was word of mouth that built my business.

After 4 years (and relocating to Florida), and since this is part-time for me (I am 62), my goal is to build the customer experience and trust, which will focus on the facial as health and appearance maintenance.  No fancy treatments requiring packages or expensive equipment (been there, done that).  

In other words, designing the facial experience to be more like the therapeutic massage, something they want to come back to.

Time will tell if my concept will work!


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