Hi all. Happy New Year to all of you! I need advice and I know that this is the best place for advice. Thank you in advance for any responses! 

I have been in my current location for 3 years (blessed) I am going into my 4th year and I am ready to move. I am currently on the second floor of an office building. I am not visible from the street so all of the clients I have been getting over the last 3 years have been from word of mouth, which I am beyond grateful for.

I have been struggling to attract new clients and I offer incentives to my clients for their referrals. I have been finding that my income remains the same each month because I am not adding additional clients just repeat business. I feel like I can't keep growing if more people don't see me. That's how I discover new things, by seeing them and wanting to try them. 

Have any of you been in this situation when you first opened your business? What did you do? Did you have to take out loans to expand your business? Help!!!! I just want to be visible, attract more clients and continue to grow my brand. 

Thanks again for ANY and ALL advice. 

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