I just started studying but I need some gloves that works, I use vinil gloves but during the wax application they are sticky and messy.

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We sell the best gloves on the market. Our vinyl synthetic surgical glove.

You can watch my video tutorial with them in action: http://www.ssmoothskinsupply.com/coco.html

Here is the link on our website: http://www.ssmoothskinsupply.com/comingsoon.html


Happy Waxing!!



For waxing, you want gloves that are tights and fit well. If you use vinyl gloves that are too big, it is just a disaster- the wax sticks to them and it was just frustrating. I know when I first started out I had that issue! I use Nitrile gloves because I don't like the smell of latex (I feel like it takes forever to scrub that smell off my hands) and there are a lot of people with latex allergies, so I don't want to risk that.

Good luck! :)

Ideally the wax is touching the wax applicator, the client's skin, and the strip...  and that's it.  Your hands will be touching the surrounding skin, but you really shouldn't come in contact with the wax itself.  You mentioned you are new to waxing, so all I can say is that I am a 1000% tidier waxed now than when I was in school in 2007.  Technique is a big part of that, so I'm inclined to tell you to just change your gloves a lot now until you get more practice.  For me, waxing in small sections, not overloading wax onto the applicator, and being mindful to lay a truly thin layer of wax are all key to not getting wax on my gloves.  Now, I do think the tip about working a tiny drop of oil onto the surface of the gloves could help too.  I'm going to try that next time I wax legs.


I buy nitrile gloves from Costco. I put a drop or two of oil on them before I begin waxing. If they get sticky during the treatment, simply apply more oil. I also use these for facials. They are super thin so you can still feel the skin, but rarely rip. 


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