I just started studying but I need some gloves that works, I use vinil gloves but during the wax application they are sticky and messy.

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Ok, these are great for waxing (some dentists use them) but i wouldn't go for this option with intimate waxing like bikini areas...maybe just for the rest of the body....  they do give you the protection you need otherwise some RN's and dentist's wouldn't use them...  http://www.amazon.com/Gloves-Bottle-Shielding-Lotion-240/product-re...   LOVE them!!

I say don't use them for the intimate areas of waxing as you don't want to come across in a sexual manner...keep it professional with a barrier between you and the clients 'bits' by wearing latex!!

if you are going to use latex be sure your clients don't have issues with it. Just a reminder....

Thank you claire, im going to try them but im curious about the safety of this product i mean about blood

Claire thanks for posting, I remember using this product many years ago, didn't realize it was still being made. I wear gloves, but I hate the feeling!  I hate the feeling on me whenever they are used! Would clients see the invisable gloves as protection for them, do you explain what you are using? It just so takes away the skin to skin sensation, and it's harder for me to feel direction of short hair, lack of experience in knowing what's normal in a particular area.

@ Gabriela-my preference is nitrile gloves but too darn expensive, so I use vinyl ones. Salley's in my area was having a sale this month on the black ones. 7.99 for 100. I also keep a box of latex and will use those if no allergy is listed but learned they didn't work so well on large areas, I use a tiny bit oil with whatever kind I'm wearing, and powder my hands to make getting on and off easier. The latex seems to stick and drag when adhering the strip.

One of the keys for me, is getting a tight fit.

I like the Diane vinyl gloves.  They are very thin and to me I can really move my hands well, even for facials.  I always use them for every treatment.  I get the powdered just because they are easier to get off and on in my opinion. 


I was wondering if clients notice the gloves when getting a facial. I would love to do that because then I can actually have my nails done! lol I worry that the clients will not like the feeling of gloved hands on their face though? Have you had any clients complain about it, or do they feel safer or what. I really would like to be able to wear gloves with every client, is it really possible? Thanks :)

I have never had a client complain...only my boyfriend.  LOL.  Every person that found out I was using gloves said they had no idea and actually said they normally hate the feeling but they loved mine.  These give such an awesome slip and are super thin.  the only issue I get is they are a little baggy at the wrist and sometimes that part will roll up but never a huge issue and never affects the client. 

Awesome! Buying those gloves then. I still won't be able to have my nails be even at active length, but at least they can be polished. :)

Put a coat of oil over your gloves. Most of the waxes today should be used with an oil base, instead of powder, and i always keep my hands covered and oiled and voila...NO sticky!!

Nice thanks!


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