Nue Wave LED (free standing) from Skin for Life. Opinions?

Hello all,

I am thinking about purchasing Skin for Life's Nue Wave LED (the free-standing) piece of equipment. I started with their 'wands' and then chose the Celluma LED panel.  I have grown to REALLY miss having the Yellow, and Green LED therapy however. I love the features, but would REALLY love to know if any of you have this model, and if so please give me your honest feedback as to your experience with it!  It's within a price range I am comfortable with ($3000) I'm thinking about a lease program for 1 year.., and therefor, wouldn't be able to go much more than that. I also love Bio-Therapeutics LED unit as well that has all 4 color therapies....but its around $1500 MORE than the Nue Wave. It has a LOT more lights however....bigger unit....BUT out of my price range.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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