Ok, so I finally decided to do a local online deal. It ends tonight at midnight, and so far 15 were sold..I am happy, it's better then nothing.  It is my first time though and may be my last. I only say that because I don't want people to get used to my "deals"  I wanted to know what everyone's thoughts were on doing so many deals all the time. I see 2 of the same spas in my area constantly doing deals. People buy them, but doesn't it devalue your service after awhile?

Or am I doing something wrong? thanks!

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I think it's a good way to promote a new skincare product or a new treatment you've added.  I don't do them very often for the same reason as you, however, clients do love a little deal now and then.You can also do incentives; purchase a series of three and save $____, buy three skincare products and get the 4th half off (or free if you need to get things goiing).

Hope that helps.

I have done online deals with pretty good success. I have put out a one time service for the special price. This has helped me find new clients, when they like the service they become regulars. You do have to weed through the deal buyers but I get a couple of extra appointments a week when I do them. 

Thank you Sara and Jamie...I appreciate your responses...I sold right now 18, and had my 1st online deal

client yesterday. She loved it and rebooked for November! I am very happy! 

Gonna have to disagree with the others.  Coupons bring discount hunters.  Once you stop with the special, they jump ship and go on to the next deal.  They are not loyal clients, as they jump from place to place offering discounts.  Then, if you do manage to retain them as a client, the minute you raise your prices, which you must, they will vanish.  Never had luck with these and it was always more of a headache than anything else.  Encourage your current clients to sent you referrals, this is still the best way to build a business, even in this day and age.  Offer incentive for referrals in the way of a gift card, or knock off a few bucks on their next service.  My clients receive $10 starbucks cards for every referral they send.   Reputation is everything in this industry and you don't want to be known as the "cheap, discount" place.  Value your worth and the referrals will come!

One thing I learned in marketing is "everything works and nothing doesn't". You should have a start time and stop time and don't do them too often. However this person finds you, once you have them in you facial room they are your client. You make a plan for them and put them on a journey. I have people who have been with me at full price packages for two years when I ran the first campaign. They have sent me friends, family even husbands by way of my referral program. I find it hard to just raise prices for people. As they evolve and services and products change so do the prices.     

Hi Theresa,

I've done quite a bit of coupons in the past but managed to retain coupon customers by offering packages, and a discount upon a 2nd visit. You can hold a great reputation in the business and still manage to retain this demographic without sacrificing profit. When starting out, it's important to consider how you're going to take your risk in marketing. Part of that is the option to go into a coupon company which has a large database. How you're going to keep the customers is not only up to you, but them as well. There are so many ways to offer incentives, you can research to see which model works best for your business structure.

Thanks everyone, I see a few different opinions here, I am going to see how it goes, I said I would try it once, and so far 20 sold now..one rebooked, and others have booked into November so I will see what happens....thanks


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