I'd like to purchase and oxygen facial machine to begin providing this service to my clients.  I tried going online to do some research but am having difficulty weeding through the hype and figuring out what is really a good choice for machine.  There are no suppliers here in Las Vegas where I'm located so does anyone have any tips?

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Hi Jennifer...I use the RejuvneAirO2 machine. Here's the page on my website with my success story and pics of my clients: http://www.shelleyhancock.com/rejuvenairo2.html

Using  Jet Peel -3 from Tavtech, check it out...http://www.tav-tech.com/

How much did you pay for it and what serums do you use?

I have heard it said that one only wants to use an oxygen tx on congested or acneic skin.  The thought being that the oxygen tx creates free radicals so is therefore not a good anti-aging tx.  Is that true?

I did some investigating into this. Scroll to the bottom of this page for an explanation:


We love the Oxygen Facial therapy as well.  We have been selling the units for over 10 years and recently put together a great opportunity with our new affordable unit.  You can read more at our website healingzone.net.  As great as the infusion systems are the product itself is even more important.  Liquid Oxygen is in itself amazing but when you combine target  ingredients your ability to correct the most stubborn skin conditions improves.  A great addition to any skin care department. 

Hi Isabel....Can you help me with this question from Madeleine above?

"The thought being that the oxygen tx creates free radicals so is therefore not a good anti-aging tx. Is that true?"


Thank Shelley for asking.  Yes, there has always been a lot of controversy about oxygen in skin care.  Liquid Oxygen,  Perfluoro-Ester,  is different then the oxygen created by the body in response to cellular metabolism.  For instance when you exercise you increase your bio-metabolism which increases the free radicals.  That's why eating a diet rich in anti-oxidants and taking supplements is so important.  Liquid O2, on the other hand,  is an inert substance that will not damage cells and can be used for metabolism with out damage to the tissue.  it is an uncharged O2 molecule and it works to revitalize and nourish skin cells.  In addition, assimilation by the cells of this pure substance is very high so that's why we included in our formulas  Seaweed for DNA repair, an essential to anti-aging and cell repair, and additional anti-oxidants such as Resveratrol and Vitamin C Ester for increased free radical protection.   The quality of the formulas has everything to do with the effectiveness of O2 Infusion treatments and the long term use of Oxygen in skin care.  Hope that helps.

Thanks Isabel! Ally, does this answer help you a bit more? Also, here's an article that I came across:


Informative-thanks for sharing.




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