Is anyone using PCA's oxygen trio?  I just purchased it and did a treatment on myself and was wondering if you could tell me your protocol?  I have the PCA book so I can go by that one, just was wondering if you have done any more customizing with this treatment.  How long of a treatment is it for you and what are you charging?  Can you incorporate any other product steps like exfoliation or enzyme or anything like that?  How often do you recommend treatments?  Is this something you could do on a weekly basis or monthly or just as needed? 

Any feedback would be great!

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Sheila-do you have the PCA advanced peel book? There's a couple of protocols in it.- I have used it a couple of times on myself and I think only 1 on a gift certificate client.  $75.00 -50 minutes, for the regular one and add some extra depending on # of correctives added. Rec. monthly.

If you want to email me your mailing address I can scan them for you.

I have used the oxy trio in a spa I worked at and on myself.  I have always combined it with microderm or dermaplaning first and I have had great results.  I would say monthly would be good.  It gives a nice glow to the skin.

Hi Sheila,

I just saw this post from you - I regularly sell the Oxygenating Trio.  Priced at $110.  When I add a pre peel or pre enzyme - I add on another $25.  The Oxy treatment alone runs me about 35-35 minutes and if add any other treatments in I am looking at an hour.  I have regulars that come for the treatment every 2-3 weeks, just depends on their response to treatment and the healing of the acne lesions.  My non acne patients that just want a glow will come every 3-4 weeks.  But with those patients, I often mix it up and alternate with treatments like the fire and ice facial or the Fiszz Facial by IS Clinical to get that same glow. :) Kristen

Thanks Kristen!


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