Does anyone have info on this? I want to begin treating a few clients from a former employer in my home spa room. Do I need a permit or anything like that? My license is current.

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You'll want to check with your health licensing department. I think every state is different. You'll probably need at least a facility license. I own my own waxing studio in Oregon. My facility is outside of my home, but at least here in Oregon, the same rules apply.

Some states require a completely separate treatment area (cannot have entrance from home to treatment area) as well as a business license.

Every state is different. Some require a sink IN the room being used and other such things

Each State Cosmetology Board will define rules regarding at home-based salons. Here in Oregon you need floor to ceiling walls that separate living space from work space and a door that remains closed between those areas during services. You need hot and cold running water for customers in restrooms separate from your water supply used for services. There is no longer a stipulation for a separate entrance for clients. Other general area rules apply that are for both the skincare salon and home-based skincare salon such a non-porous flooring, sanitation supplies, etc. I have a facility license, city business license, and premise insurance, as well as two esthetic licenses.


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