Hi I currently opened a medspa , in my area (Chicago ) there's a lot of competition , very few offer their prices online I would say maybe 10%. I think quality and uniqueness sells , please let me know what would you consider an unique approach to the market . Thank you

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Hello Alisa,

I am not a medispa, so not sure what a unique approach would be.

But as to your question - it bothers me that most places don't list any pricing. What do they have to hide?

I know that in some cases it can vary, depending on the service, time, area covered,  amount of product used, etc...however some people "shop" around on several websites.  I would appreciate the business that gave me the most information about the service - including at least a "ball park"  or range of cost for that service.

Thank you Cindy for taking the time , your opinion is very much appreciated . I think it's all sales tactics ... Just like a car salesman , they all want to pick your curiosity to make that phone call so they can convince you to come in person ! But to me skin care services are more delicate than anything else, I remember my first facilal that I purchased ... After the whole procedure I thought (ignorant of me I know) I just payed 120 dollars so someone could smack on multiple layers of cream!!! So  my point is not everyone out there is educated in the field, and let's face it skin care is and could be challenging for non practitioners , not everyone has the time to investigate and look into luxury of details. That's why I'm a bit challenged on the approach and strategy , cause many times I get that vibe that I need to justify the price , I get the it's not worth it look that just makes me lose it!


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