Many of you know my company and myself through this site and the posts or remarks that I make. I have been toying with this post for the better part of 6 months and decided to go ahead with it, so I will try to be as quick as I can.


FULL DISCLAIMER:  This is not a post to recruit users of my line but if it happens then all the better since I know that once I implement this plan, based on the feed back I receive from users on this site, those users will benefit way more then I ever could in the beginning. As you will see, this is a plan to help since I am in a great position to do so for those who are in need and looking for another solution to many of the product related issues one experiences in this industry as you advance from beginner to established skin care professional.


THOUGHTS:  Over the last 5 years and really the last 2, I have noticed and started to really think about a common trend with new esties and esties who are within their first 3 - 5 years depending on how active they are in promoting and growing their business. There are a lot of hurdles on the road to success…


PROBLEM:  The problem is most esties have two very large and important concerns regarding their business and they are:


1. What skin care line to go with and the initial investment and more importantly the amount of or which products to buy to start.  It is a huge problem and unless the estie has thousands to spend it really becomes a barrier to getting started and looking professional. In the end the sole responsibility of the investment lands on the estie who for a lack of a better way to say it, does not have the funds to back that up, support it and more importantly afford to get it wrong.


1a. Based on the above issue how does the estie sell retail if he/she cannot get past #1 to get into selling retail which we all know is where the real success comes into play not only for the client but also as revenue generator for the estie.


2. It is a big concern to invest in a line when you do not know the line and the support and with all the lines that are on the market it is almost impossible to choose.


I know that I could write about many other concerns but I think those two encompass the main and most important issues facing the problem as it relates to product line purchase decisions.


Through my own customers who range from new to veteran (R.N. / M.D.), I have been able to learn and understand some of the major helpers that changed their lives and removed some of these issues and more importantly made more engaging professionals.


Here is a list of help that I have done:


1. Offered Credit Terms (Limited)

2. Deferred Billing

3. 1 to 1 Support

4. Product Discounts

5. Shipped Free Product

6. Exchanged out an older line being used $ for $ in exchange for Serene


These are all good and I still use them but they were one offs and what I am looking for is a system to put in place that is a standard and one I can market.  What I thought I would do is ask the board and get the feed back from those who are brand new or even under graduate all the way to seasoned professionals.


So here is my starter idea and what I have come up with:


1. Credit line amounts: $500 /  $750 / $1,000 / $1,250 / $1,500 / $1,750 / $2,000

2. Initial shipping charges are paid for by skin care pro

3. Monthly Payments (6 months / 12 months / 18months)

4. Return product at any time (Cost to return paid for by skin care pro)

            4a. Return any unused product the monthly payments stop

5. 15% of initial order must be paid for order to ship ($0 - $1,000)

6. 25% of initial order must be paid for orders to ship ($1,001 - $2,000)

7. Exchange any product at any time for other products not originally purchased

8. New credit terms are limited to $500 but after 3 months can increase to next level




Credit Terms $500.00


Down Payment: $50 (Shipping $25.00)

Payment; $75.00


Decide its not right or ? return the product.  Keep what was opened in retail size but ALL professional sizes must be returned for payments to stop.


WHAT IS BAD ABOUT THIS PLAN: There is very little recourse for me as a business owner but I find it hard to believe that many skin care professionals would deliberately do things to be dishonest.


The goal is to find a solution for new skin care pros that are interested and want to grow and need the right amount of help at the right time.  I have always said that if your skin care line provider is not your partner then you might want to rethink that line.  This is my attempt to go the extra mile.



1. What am I missing?

2. Where is it wrong?

3. Where is it spot on?

4. Can I make it more simple?

5. Does it not deliver the goal I am looking for?

6. Is it NOT special? (  i.e. are other lines doing it )

Thank you.  Any feed back would be great.

Marty Glenn



p.s. There will be a coupon code for ONE for the board at 75% OFF.  This will be a one time event as the product will not be discounted past its initial launch. I will set up the coupon code in my next post.





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Hi Marty-

I always enjoying reading your insights on the site.  You are right on about the problem that faces many estheticians and not just new ones.

1.) What am I missing?  If your goal is to make it easy for newbies you could prepare starter kits at each levels that pair your offerings to give them the right products to get started and launch.

2.) Where is it wrong? I cant spot anything that is wrong at this time.  I will review it again and if I see anything share my insights.

3.) Where is it spot on? The price points, monthly payments and shipping guidelines.

4.) Can I make it more simple? I think this part needs a little work:

Decide its not right or ? return the product.  Keep what was opened in retail size but ALL professional sizes must be returned for payments to stop. 

Would I return the professional sizes even if I opened them and used them. If I don't return the professional sizes will I be billed in full? what if I used some but not all. That seems like it has the potential to get tricky?

5.) Does it not deliver the goal I am looking for? Yes, it is a standard system of introducing new estheticians and those new to your product line  to your product however I would advise to put together some packages at each price point to help guide estheticians. 

6.) Is it NOT special? (  i.e. are other lines doing it ) There are some lines making their lines more accessible but not in the systematic way.  Ilike for example allows you to spread out your opening order but not in a systematic way and they do not market it either you have to ask.  I hope this helps as I think it is a good idea.



Thank you.  But what is funny is either nobody is on this site anymore or it is not as big an issue as I think.  ;)

But thank you for your help; it is much appreciated and I will look at each point.

Marty Glenn




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