I am having problems with the temp in my room and need some advice!  I rent a private room in a beauty mall.  My room temp was fine when I first moved in but now it went crazy.  It was consistently 82 in my room for a week.  I talked to my landlord and he said I needed fans and to leave my door opened between clients.  I spent money and bought a ceiling fan and high capacity floor fan.  It was so hot that my clients complained and I it took me forever to complete a wax.   So i talked to him again this time he said he thought it was because of all of my equipment putting off heat.  I tried cutting back on my equipment use but I don't think I should have to do this.  Now my room gets down to 60 and then gets back up to 82 all within an hour!  Now he is saying it is because of the tempature changing outside.   I have cut back on my hours because of the temp problems in my room.  I just got certified in sugaring and I haven't offered it yet because if the room is to cold or hot it won't work.  I signed a 3 year lease to this place! Any advice is appreciated!

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I would think that each room would have it's own temp control.

Sounds like a lot of excuses from the landlord!

I know that if you were a home renter that there are laws regarding landlords maintaining heating and colling systems.  I would think that a commercial renter would have the same rights and recourse.

Bottom line is - it doesn't matter what the temp is outside or what amount of heat your equipment puts out...the temp in the room should remain consistent.  Either the temp control sensor unit is broken and should be replaced or the space does not have adequate heating and cooling supply to begin with, and IMO should not be rented out.

Time to go back and look at that lease you signed and see what exactly you got yourself into.

Thanks Cindy!  This is what I thought.  

Talk to a lawyer.  I doubt he can hold you into a lease that makes it impossible for you to do your work.


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