Hello Everyone!

I'm looking for reccos for product lines that don't have high minimum orders, let you sample stuff before you buy, and are actually good.

I looked into Le Mieux (which now has a $500 minimum order), but I've been waiting 3 weeks for the samples they sent me and the rep won't respond to my emails. 

Anyone independent practitioners love a line they're working with?

Thank you! 

De Anna

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Hi De Anna,

    First of all, the wait for your samples and your non-responsive rep is a huge red flag to what is ahead if you decide to deal with this company. I say, Run, don't walk away! There are so many excellent companies out there so you do not have to take this second rate treatment.

    You will only be as dependable to YOUR clients as your vendors are to you. Can you imagine if you had clients booked and you were waiting on your product to arrive and you can't reach your rep? It will fall on you. It is already a hard road being an independent esty, so you have to provide excellent service and excellent results with no excuses. Choose a company that will back you up.

     Best to start by figuring out what exactly you want to specialize in. Is it anti aging, acne, waxing? Choose your niche then find a company that specializes in that with their product line and support. 

     Never heard of Le Mieux and I've been an esty since 2002. Just FYI.

Good luck to you! Don't accept being treated like you don't matter!


Hi Eryn!

Thanks for the reply! It is a small, little line, but they have some great (looking) formulas with high concentrations of peptides and growth factors and a novel preservative system (glucose oxidase and lactoperoxidase) so I really wanted to try them out. They also have interesting peels (including pure mandelic peels, which are a bit hard to come by in the US). In general, I feel like brands learn that I'm a solo practitioner and it's suddenly crickets.

I think you're right, however. If this is how they are when you're trying to give them money, imagine how bad it will be when I just need help with something. 

Moving on.....

De Anna


I've tried many lines and still, after 12 years, recommend YG Labs.  I've used the products myself since 2005 when I graduated from esthetics school.  Several years ago, through consumer demand, they removed parabens from their products.  They replaced it with MIT, which I am highly allergic to (it's in *many* products - skin, hair, etc).  I used a high-end non-pro line called Tatcha (the finest non-pro line in my opinion) which immediately removed any allergen potentials for me.  After a lot of feedback, YG Labs dropped using MIT in their products and I am now back to using them personally and in my treatment room.

They have the best product information sheets (protocols, ingredients) in the industry and education is top notch.  I believe their minimum order is $250.00.  Their website is www.yglabs.com.  If you contact them, I'm sure they can send you some samples.

You can't go wrong with them - they are the best - products as well as service.

dear  Anna, hi, may be you would interested to check our line www.forlled.com 

Delivery time is 10 days, delivery is free  (we deliver to USA  from Germany, its faster ) 

Kind Regards, 
Natalia Ishmuratova
Project Manager 
Phone: + 50767412122
Mail: ishmura@forlled.com

Nanocosmetech Inc.
Storia Shinagawa, 2-16-8 Konan,
Minato-ward, Tokyo, 108-0075, Japan

Hi De Anna,

I am the educator for Shira Esthetics how are you?

Many solo estheticians use our professional line. Our minimum is only $250 and we have special pricing options for estheticians like yourself who are on their own. We have organic products as well as clinical products so there is a wide variety to choose from. Let me know if you are interested, you can e-mail me at Jordanna@shiraesthetics.com.



Hi De Anna

If you email me at: martyg@skincarescience.com I can send you educational material and maybe that will help you.

Have a great day.

Marty Glenn

Skincare Science


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