I am new and looking for a skin care line. Has anyone tried Osmosis Skincare or My Body Probiotics? If so, what are your favorite products?

Also, what is the best spa booking software? I am looking at Rosysalonsoftware.com.... anyone ever heard of them?

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Osmosis Skincare is such an incredible line!  I am from a small town in Pennsylvania.  Retail is expensive for clients that have always washed their face with "soap and water", but once you get the client hooked, there's no turning back.  

Thank you so much for your input. I really appreciate it.

would you kindly send me more information?  blackburn.michelle@mail.com


I hope this helps...

The single most important thing that I have learned in this business over the last decade is this:

Your skin care line provider must be your partner.  They must have your back at every turn. The reason is because it take so much to make your business run and it is so hard. If you pick one of the top 5 lines for your main and then one of he top 5 for natural and or organic then you probably will not go wrong.

With that said there are lines that are smaller that offer a lot but maybe for what you need and for a plastic surgeon is a line with a name or one that has been marketed.  Does that make sense?

Then look for filler lines to round it out. These are lines that care no minimums and have one off products that are really must haves.  This is not the best way to do things but sometimes its worth it go this way.

The lines you pick should provide no minimums and great return policy's and provide one on one support for help and advice REGARDLESS if you use there line.  Yes. You read that correctly!!

I developed skin care for two Beverly Hills plastic surgeons and you would be surprised what they do not know so don't worry about getting things wrong, just worry about getting things WAY WRONG.  okay.

If you need help or have questions let me know and or respond here.  Good luck


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