I have moved to a new location and I would like to raise my prices. I have a few clients that I have on lower prices.  I have learned my lesson about making deals it is to hard to keep up with!   Any advice on the best way to do this?   

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If you're in a new location and there are only a few clients who are currently familiar with the lower prices, honestly I would just go ahead and do it without any fuss. Update whatever signage and marketing materials you have, and if a current client rebooks a service they've previously had at a lower price, just politely say something like "Okay, and just so you're aware, I updated my treatment menu recently and that facial is now $XX instead of $XX." A lot of people will be fine with that and won't even ask why, others might want to know why the price is justified and then you can talk about how beneficial the treatment is etc.

And have an alternative in mind in case they are adamant that they won't do it anymore at the new rate. Not to offer a deal, but just to offer something else on your menu that is lower priced and might work for them as an alternative.

You can't keep everybody happy all the time, but if this will only affect a few people then it won't be too much of a problem.

I think that Carrie is absolutely right.

And then if anyone is upset by it, you can offer to sell them prepaid services at the old price...as many as they want!

Or alternatively offer a package rate for multiple services which would have a discounted rate equal to or less than the previous price. It's important to have an alternative offer to anyone who feels that price is the issue.

It is always appropiate to give ourselves a raise every now and again. Besides what the others have said you could say you'll remain at my former price for a year or whatever your comfortable with. I am in the process of doing the same after 6+ years at the same place. The only increase now for me is laundry-it used to be free now it cost $2. to wash & dry 2 sets of sheets/towels. I just think it's time for a raise! I know I'll lose a couple, but that happens, people don't like change. Do it with a good heart and don't apoligise for it, your worth it!


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