Replacements for Vivant Bleaching Forte and Allantoin Lotion

I'd like to stop ordering from Vivant now that they have gone against their longtime promise and are selling online to the general public, undermining my profit margin (I am in a VERY expensive retail district and keystone doesn't cut it, especially when shipping eats into that, too).  I loved Dr. Fulton, but with him gone and the company going back on its word, I have no reason to continue supporting them.

The two products I have not been able to let go of are Bleaching Lotion Forte (2% HQ with Kojic and Vit. A Propionate) and Allantoin Lotion (light, acne-safe nighttime lotion, although I doubt the ingredients are truly as listed).

I am planning to sample SkinScript's Cacteen to see if it might replace the Allantoin.  I am not interested in any gel-type or aloe-based acne moisturizers, I want an actual light lotion.  I will be very particular when it comes to myristates, excessive stearates, and other signs (on the ingredient list) of an over-emulsified product.  I am not opposed to a little bit of coconut oil, but I prefer grapeseed and meadowfoam for this demographic.  I have other Retinol and Retinyl Propionate products I am happy with, but I still need a well-formulated 2% HQ that clients can't just pick up online.  In other words, it does not need to be a duplicate of Bleaching Forte, nor is it necessary that it have a Vitamin A in it since I can achieve the same with 2 separate products, however I do need an HQ option for certain clients who don't respond to non-HQ lightening.

Obviously, a company that enforces pro-only sales is a must.  

Any thoughtful and well-reasoned recommendations will be entertained, especially if you are familiar with the two products I am trying to replace.  This is a serious inquiry from an esthetician with a good working ingredient knowledge, so if you're recommending something for which you are the rep, please keep it brief, include a full ingredient deck, finished product pH, and be prepared to send me samples - I respect your expertise as a rep, but I also really want to get the opinions and experiences of others working behind the chair.  Also, please do include the retail price (or range/approximate) and bottle size so that I can see whether the product is an option for my clientele price-wise.

Thanks in advance,


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Take a look at Vitamin A Pro Lightener from Face Reality 

Hydroquinone 2.0% (Skin Bleaching Agent), Padimate O 4.0% (Sunscreen), SD Alcohol 40-2, Propylene Glycol, Ethoxydiglycol, Kojic Acid, Retinyl Propionate, Hydroxypropylcellulose

You probably won't like this because they sell online but it sounds like the Oil Control Emulsion from Glo would work as a replacement moisturizer


Thanks, actually I am down with Face Reality's program since they require supervision for their corrective products.  I actually took their training a year or so ago and can purchase, I just need to refresh.

Glo would be a little harder sell for me because of the online sales, but I do like that ingredient deck a LOT...  Do they have a minimum?  Does anyone else have a similar combination?

Yeah I felt that way about Glo at first. I started with only the Flower Enzyme & Pro 5 in backbar, but I had no intention of retailing anything. Then I quit carrying Sesderma and needed a good retinol, so that was my gateway drug. I actually LOVE some (not all) of their products. I keep finding new gems from Glo. The Healing Gel & Dual Advantage Creams are fantastic, I love their new Essential Cleansing Oil, the Tretinol .5% & 1%, and the Refine Tonic. They don't have minimums and you can order online once you set up an account.

What about Botanical Science lightener?  While like you, I only use HQ on clients who are stubborn to other lightening methods, I like that they include kojic acid in their formulation as well. I use LELEXO vitamin A propionate serums in conjunction (which get such beautiful results for acne and hp). 

Thanks for the suggestion!

Did you end up finding good replacements?

Not yet but I'm going to look into what you guys mentioned.  I wound up moving my studio in May so I've just been reordering Vivant.

Hope your new setup is going well :) xo!

Thank you!  It is, although I don't feel stable enough to go the PL route.  Is it horribly tacky that I would consider the Control Correctives HQ product?  For ease of ordering, since I already get some supplies from Universal.  Another line that has always been on my radar is Sanitas and they have one.  I'd like to pull the HQ apart from the retinoid since I like Lelexo's retinyl propionate serums and sometimes I need HQ without the retinoid anyway, like if they're already using an Rx tretinoin or tazorac.

Contact Tina Zillmann at Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts. 
ARC website is:

I know this is old ish, but Face Realitys Vitamin A pro lightener is no longer available from Face Reality. And, I believe it was actually made by or PL from Vivant!

As for a light acne safe moisturizer, have you tried Rhinda Allison? There Aloe Matte Moisturizer is acne safe, light and awesome. RAs ingredient decks are always pretty clean as well.

I have yet to find a great lightener, HQ or not. I used to love Images lightening serum until they reformulated :(

Hope that helps


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