Hello everyone, looking for feedback on what's standard as far as pay, the spa I worked for recently closed and I went to another spa.

My old pay worked like this. $10 per hour or 47 or 48% service commission.. Whatever number was better.. Payed every 2 wks, I did also assist on the front desk, checking in/out clients, ringing clients out, answering phones etc. doing laundry, keeping retail shelves for skin care clean and organized, maintaining inventory for back bar and retail skin care products.

I was also paid 20% cash retail sales commission. This was paid when we went over my numbers which I had to keep track of, new clients, rebooks, number of facials, wax etc etc.

Where I am at now I do barely any reception tasks, or cleaning, or laundry. I put away my own laundry. I am not being paid any hourly . Strictly 48% or 49% commission for services. No services... No pay

We are getting the skin care line I worked with for retail and back bar since my clients are just having to go to ulta to buy it..

If I do a google search online of standard retail commission of estheticians I get a whole bunch of results that are confusing or old...

Is there a legal minimum to be paid if an employee has no one but sits at work? I saw mention of that on one thread I read through..

I am in nj, booth or chair rental is illegal. I want to discuss with my current boss retail compensation, I would love to continue getting 20% in cash... I would negotiate that with that I will maintain the inventory of retail and back bar.. And keep the skin care retail shelving clean and organized, and promo materials up to date.

Before I ask for this or begin to negotiate, I am looking for any info on what is fair.. If anyone has actual sources for me to referrence and show my boss, if I need to, that would be great, also I am very interested in everyone's personal experience in regard to all of this. I have been an esthetician for 6 yrs and have a good retail sales history.

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That's awesome to get commissions on replenishments.  I will ask why we don't.  Reviewing this thread it appears at my spa we earn little commissions.  This creates incentive to do our best to earn the most.  This may not work on new esties but for me I am very driven.  My goal is to provide such an awesome service within the boundaries of the chosen treatment and offer my best recommendation for home care. This "goal" never disappoints me.  My retail averages about 50% to service.  Last week was only 35% so I have to work harder this week. Working at a membership spa where many guests are gift card recipients, it's hard to persuade 70 year old gramma to give up her Aveeno for a Pro product at double the cost. Surprisingly some do so I always suggest.  Upgrades are another branch of generating additional income in the treatment room.

my place of work is not a franchise salon, but I have done my fair share of one time visitors... and grouponers, which I do not mind.. its how I have gotten most of my clients that are regulars.

this whole thing of being so cheap with the commission has just taken my wind out of my sails.... I will put more effort in if I feel its fair and worth it, if I feel like im getting a raw deal.. well that just does not give me too much incentive.

How is it that you get your room renters to sell your products?  ARen't they free to use whatever line they wish in their treatments?

room rental is not in my line of thinking, I would not want to do it anyways... I would rather be an employee, not considered a personal business owner... I am in NJ booth and room rental is not in our vocab.. well it shouldnt be anyways....


Maybe this way of thinking about it will help...

Think about this on a first year basis and I am assuming that you are going to just walk into the spa and work and there is no cost to you.  All is provided for you... correct?

So with that said add up what you think you would spend your first year in rent and services and supplies and all that if you were going to go out on your own and then divide that number by 2080 and then figure what you think in services you would do. 

So 20,000 in costs and 40,000 in revenue - 20,000 in profit

Now you can see if the owner is being fair to you or not.  Since they are using you to increase THEIR profits it is them who is taking the upfront risk and not you so its important to keep that in mind. Also you do not want to be taken advantage of either since if there are more then one estie in the spa, the costs are further spread across more pros doing services.

This little exercise at least gives you a different way of seeing the numbers....a very birds eye view but I hope it helps.


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working in a spa as an employee is the only way I think... ie: having all supplies provided to me... booth and room rental is illegal in NJ which is where I am


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