Hi all!  I had a demo of this today.  I have been considering getting into microneedling but heard about this and thought maybe use this instead?  Has anyone used it?  I would love some feedback.  Thanks!

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I am interested in feedback as well. I contacted someone on the Regenerate Facebook page, and she had glowing reviews of it. In California, there is only one other esthetician in my area that uses it and she likes it as well. I will be following this discussion.

I hadn't heard of this treatment until reading your post.  I visited their website and while I don't know the costs, I would still choose my microneedling pen because there doesn't seem to be any control over the depth or speed of the rezenerate device, there was no pinpoint bleed in the video (which means you are probably stuck with a single, very shallow depth), and the esthetician in the video didn't wear gloves.  The paragraph from their website about their tool being developed using advanced fabrication techniques and computer models is just silly...  all machines are made in China, and of course they use CAD to design them, that's nothing special and as marketing jargon goes, it's kind of an insult to the reader's intelligence. The sense that I get here is a company that is going to charge an arm and a leg for consumables (needle cartridges and serums), they are going to claim that ONLY their serums can be used for the treatment and blame it on any other products you used during the facial if anything goes wrong.  Of course the subject of selecting the right products to use along with any form of microneedling is worth another whole post.  Overall my sense is that this is a dumbed-down version of the technology without the ability to control depth.  I'd rather spend the money on a device I can control.  If I were limited to shallow depth, I would not spend the money and instead would just do shallow depth rollers.  Again, I may have them all wrong, but that is my read based on their website.


Hi--I was actually one of Rezenerate’s first customers a couple of years ago and it has been my go to treatment ever since. It is well over 50% of my business and I can’t recommend it enough. (Full disclosure, while I don’t make sales or anything for the company they have used my input on creating some protocols and the like. I have become friends with the owners over the years and both they and the company are top notch!) So…


Coldsalineplexus: I emailed the owners about your reaction to their website and they said to pass on the word that it is undergoing an upgrade as we speak! They actually were happy to get the feedback as that is not the impression they want to give off at all. So, you are correct that it is a single depth of .15mm. It is a cosmetic facial, not a medical treatment like microneedling so it’s safe for esty’s to use. There is no bleeding/pain, etc. so if you are looking for an invasive treatment, you’re right to stick with microneedling. Rezenerate’s philosophy is built around not having to have all the negatives in order to get the positives. I personally would never mess with microneedling again after using Rezenerate, but to each their own. As to the speed, there are three speeds on the device, which are adjusted depending on the area you are conditioning. Cartridges cost only $9 a piece so it’s definitely economical to my mind. And they don’t sell serum so there is nothing like you suggested in forcing you into a line. I use Skin Fitness and I know other estys that use Osmosis and other lines with Rezenerate. I can’t speak to the technology too much, but I have personally seen them pour water in a balloon and use the device to make the water drip out without popping the balloon—it’s pretty incredible actually. I think they have a video of it on the site.


Suzanne/Kristy: I would definitely recommend looking more into Rezenerate—it’s great. That’s my two cents!!

--Faye Gunter

Do you know if .15mm is the maximum depth allowable for estheticians?

I saw a micro needle wand that uses Titanium needles offering a minimum depth of .25mm which barely punctures the skin. According to a popular Beverly Hills doc:

"Micro-needling or derma-roller therapy for home use is distinct from that performed in the physician's office. The needles for home use are typically under 1mm,  while those of the surgical variant typically are 1 to 3 mms. Their purposes are distinct as well."

My state restricts my esty license.  The Rezenerate seems a good investment if it does something radically different than what my other machines (6 in total) and peels can't do, IMO being amazingly portable.

Faye can you reach out to me. I use the Rezenerate but want to pick your brain on a few things. Thanks.
FB Carrie Flournoy


I ordered one and it just arrived today. I'm looking forward to playing with it.

Love this treatment! We had an unexpected great result this week. We're working on a client that is concerned with her jawline and neck. She walked into my office after my Esthetician finished her 4th treatment and I was shocked at the changes in her jawline! I was not expecting such great results after just 4 treatments. She is over the top happy!!

I am interested in the cost of this device for the Esthetician. They never give you pricing info on the webpage of course. Will someone please share what they paid for it.

$999 for the corded unit and $1099 for the cordless unit. Still loving this equipment!! Feel free to give me a call if you'd like to chat. (925) 392-8114. I'm in California.

I have a service which is called the Rezenerate w/LED and clients love it. When the cordless came out an email was sent out and I was able to buy it for only $99, so now I have the cordless for work and the corded one at home.


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