I have been using Rhonda Allison Skincare products in my Studio exclusively for some time.  I like them alot and I find my clients love them too.  I recently purchased the Face Reality DVD to find out more about their Acne protocols and products.  I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to incorporate both lines into an acne regimen without compromising one product over the other.

Thank you.

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I use Rhonda Allison also.  I have thought about checking into the  Face Reality DVD, I haven't yet just because I don't get many clients with serious acne. Do you feel like you could use the protocol from the DVD with the RA products?  Sorry I'm not much help maybe you should try posting this question in the Acne Group.

The Face Reality protocols to clear acne are pretty specific.

I don't think there is room to mix products with the same client without compromising results.

But if there is anyone who does currently use both lines, it would be great to hear!


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