Has anyone done research to find out where to buy the least expensive towels for facials?  I am looking to buy new ones so I was just curious if anyone has suggestions.  Thanks!

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I have found good luck at Sam's Club and watching Sally's for their sales.

I also found my towels at Sams, and they are really soft. http://www.samsclub.com/sams/search/searchResults.jsp?searchCategor...


I have a Sams club card!!  i will check this out today.  I only saw the car towels and figured those woulld not work :). 

The ones I got from Sallys were the Spa towels so softer but still just not happy with the staining.  Do you have staining issues?  I am wondering if it's my towel warmer...may be "burning" the towels.  I only make what I need for the day and usually they aren't in there all day long but could be the issue.  

I haven't had any burning in towel warmer but did burn them in crock pot when I first started out yrs. ago. I put a few drops of essential oil in my water, and any left over can be refrigerated or I just put them in a baggie for the next day. In a refrig they will last longer. I have had them get darker around the end that hits the back of the towel cabbie on the second sometimes thrid day but doesn't seem to do it when I use them all in a day, but it does wash out.  I'm not yet doing enough facials, so I prepare for 1 possible if none are scheduled and the rest to wipe feet off when massage is done.

Do they smell burned? Are your towels 100% cotton? Also the yellowing if over all towel may just be your water. Sometimes when polyester is in them they will hold the stain more.

I go to Marshalls or TJ Maxx. They're always cheaper than official facial towels! Also check out the nicer dish towels or restaurant towels. I also use cloth diapers but the thinner ones dont hold the heat as well as the thicker ones of course.

lora aka The Beauty Buster


I have purchased "Softees" - a lot of people like those...they are microfiber and very soft. but I don't like them for facial towels as they don't hold a lot of water and dont stay hot.

Universal sells the towels manufactured by Diamond - they have been around for years. I got a dozen a few months ago and they are soft but since I already see some thread pulls they dont look like they will last.

Last year I got a dozen "Bleachsafe" towels from (i think) Pure Spa Direct - they have held up better than any towel I have ever used.

None of those above are particularly a good deal - I have just never liked using regular household hand towels - they are usually too thick for me...taking up too much room in my cabi and feeling too heavy on the face and they are not always soft enough. I think Sally's carries the same towels as CosmoProf - and those wear good but more like regular hand towels and not soft enough for my taste (I don't know the brand on these).

I think that people do notice things like your linens and towels. So just use what you think looks and feels nice and don't worry too much about saving a few dollars.

Thanks ladies!  My problem is I swear they get stained so easy and even if I bleach them they turn almost yellowish.  I stopped using the essential oils after my last topic of the staining issue but they still seem to be getting stains.  I know the client doesn't see this but God for bid someone does and I am then known as the "dirty" Esty!  Not cool!!  I had thought about getting some darker ones for this reason.  I purchased mine at Sally's and while their prices are great, they let's are kinda eehhh!!  I was thinking about going with the bleach safe ones.  All of these little things that I never really thought would be a problem like sheets and towels, I thought I was being so prepared having so many and now I think they are all being turned into cleaning towels unfortunately.  :)

I really like the better ones I get at Costco-they are larger for going down on to chin, thicker/ holding heat longer and wash/bleach well and stand up over the long haul. I do not like the cheap hairstylists towels, too thin and feel scatchy to me. 1 doz 16.99. of as Mar 11'

Also bar towels are really made to stand up over time, they are a bit shorter, thick but not as thick as the above ones I get. Soft and feel nice against the skin I went over all mine with a zig-zag stitch to secure them a bit better.

Anyone have sheet preferences while we are on the subject of linens?  I love the pure beech tshirt sheets but I bought 10 sets and now need more due to oil stain issue.  I am going to be putting another towel down so the sheets do not stain.  newbie Esthetician learns the hard way :).

I have gone from flannel to cotton prefer 100% (some I bought as emergency back some time ago) as the place I rent has put in coin ops.  I buy reg. twin size sets but may go to flats, the fitted sheet always shows more wear first. My friends got some from Target for 10. a sheet, not certain they are 100%. I have too much on my massage table to get the ones sold by the industry, and top sht doesn't cover larger clients adequately. I only had one set of knit sheets, they didn't last at all, got runs and they were a pretty purple that showed oil stains.

With facial, I also only use oil on the face and lotion on the neck and shoulders, washes out lots better.

Great info Deborah and thank you!!!  I thought about even putting the pillow case down for the client to lay on to give extra coverage so the bvottom sheet doesn't stain.  Ugh, so new at all of this...it's all a bit overwhelming :).  Gets better right???  LOL

I love having this info so readily available, there is so much about skin care I don't know, but being an MT for 13 years does give me an edge in some areas.

Some printed sheets work good at hiding stains, esp. the lighter ones w/o alot of dark background.

Pillow case is great if you aren't using them.

It does get better.



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