Has anyone done research to find out where to buy the least expensive towels for facials?  I am looking to buy new ones so I was just curious if anyone has suggestions.  Thanks!

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I go through Mission linen Service. They bring me 20 sheets a week for 20.00. I don't have to worry about stains or washing them. They are always crisp and very white! Clients love clean,white sheets.

Comphy co makes incredible sheets for spas - www.comphy.com.  Comphy co caters to day spas/ resort spas.  Their sheets feel like 600 thread count and are sized to fit a treatment table.  I love them and will only purchase sheets from them.  I used to order from Cathgro - www.towelwholesaler.com .  Their linens were fine but Comphy co sheets are on another level.

Something about oil stains that I figured out by being a licensed massage therapist for 15 years...... Are you using an "ulta light" oil (a water soluble oil)?  You will get yellowish staining on your sheets if you are not using a water soluble ultra light oil.  The reason for this is that when you have oil residue left on the sheet (after performing a treatment) and then put the sheet into the washer, the oil will not completely wash out (if your oil is not water soluble) and when you put the sheet into the dryer the heavy oil will cook into the sheet, leaving a yellowish stain.  I only use white sheets and none of my sheets have stains.

Hey Veronica,

My favorite towels come from a distributor in California called Elegant & Natural Kosmetik. I believe there are 10-12 in a pack, and they are around $15 or so I want to say? Now, they aren't the cheapest towels you can buy, but they are awesome, and your clients will comment on how nice they feel on the skin. They're white so you can bleach them, and thin and stretchy, so they don't even need to go through the dryer to dry. They roll up small so you can fit a lot of them in your hot towel cabi too. In my opinion, there are certain things you shouldn't skimp on, and linens/towels are one of them!

I don't have their number on my but you can google it :)

Thank you!  I will now.

I agree with Costco for your towels.  A little thick but they last forever and bleach out perfect.  When I am giving acne clients tips I tell them to get a Costco pack of white wash clothes and use a clean one every night.  That way BPO won't stain them!  Wash clothes are a pack of 24 and hand towels come in pack of 12.  For sheets The Comphy Co. doesn't compare to anything!  My clients love, love, love slipping into these.  These are also available for you to retail.  You can place an order for your client and Comphy will send it straight to their house.  Once again I always get white then put a white large towel under their head. 

thank you! I w2il

Thanks Ally, I will check that out! 

I just ordered some gray ones and then the premium white ones from towel hub and so far they seem great!  Thanks for the recommendation!

Go to the people that deal with towels:


They have a plethora of towel sizes, colors, plushness (if that's a word) and prices.  And they stand behind their products.

Towel Hub, that's where all the big fancy spa's go for their towels, at a fraction of the cost.


At those prices I am tempted to get the "premium plus"!

Still less than I've paid in the past.

Too bad they don't sell robes too...  :)

Also try out www.TheTowelDepot.com - they also have some good variety and great prices, checkout premium towels.


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