Have any of you tried selling retail other than the obvious skin care products within your spa or studio? I rent a suite within a large salon (Sola Studios). I was thinking of starting to retail products such as candles, scarves, little bits and bobs like candle holders, picture frames, jewelry, etc. I don't know if it would be worth the investment, but I have noticed a larger spa in my area is now retailing (and pushing these products on their facebook page) some candles, jewelry, soft blankets/throws, and even a few apparel items like high end sweatshirts...

What do you think?

I never thought I'd consider it.. mostly because I had an experience one time getting my hair done at a very high end salon in my city and the salon owner, after doing my hair, REALLY pushed some items on me that I had no interest in. She was trying to get me to buy some new clothes.. she had a whole little boutique of clothing in her salon filled with hideous, gawdy clothing. It was a total turnoff. I don't like pushing products on people.. so I'm not sure.

Any thoughts?

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I would start with home care things like lipsticks and candles and they make these wonderful candles that are also massage oils and those run out the door.  What about body washes?  Jewlery is always a big hit, put them by the register!  SPA items are great too, aromatherapy, different herbal oils, loofah's, fun socks, etc.  I would focus on neat items that not a lot of other sellers have.  You might want to hit up a local farmer's market in the summer and see what other people are selling.  We have a local honey guy and a local tea lady as well as a chocolatier. :D  Chocolate is always a big seller!!! haha! 

We tried selling bikinis once and it didn't go over too well. Needless to say :D  Scarves did awesome. You don't need to be pushy with these products. Having a fun display and just asking if they need any.... will do fine.

I've always been curious about those candles. Are they really a big hit?

I always thought those Karma Sutra products looked so fun but whenever I bring it up to my boss (every Valentines Day) she always shuts me down saying Idahoans are too conservative for those to be big. Well I say they they may be ladies in the streets.... ;)

Ok! Even the old ladies LOVED them!!! Yes, they are a huge hit in conservative small town Indiana.  The owner that I work through didn't want anything remotely sexual in our shop since she had such a hard time with "massage" in the beginning (wink Wink) But I bought a couple at a hair show and they sold like hotcakes right away!  lol I tried to encourage more stuff like that but my owner is a little nervous.  I think they need to face facts that sexuality is a part of human life. So, what does it matter if we cater to married couples?  Isn't that what Valentine's day is all about?  I actually am going to try the tasty body powder ;) this year.

And the vagazzling is also a huge hit! Who'd have thought that?!!! HAHAHA!  I wear one on my arm to show everybody.  It's hilarious the looks I get from the ladies.  They always have tons of questions. :D

Oh I so agree. I can't wait to open my own business and go with my gut on these things. I can't imagine too many of my clients going into those Adam & Eve stores but who wouldn't want something tasteful and discreet to take home after the "massage" your husband gifted you for Valentines?

I love the bottles the oils come in, and those fun feathers!

Sexuality is fine and all, but vajazzling screams trashy. Just my .02. I wouldn't want that in my spa.

And please stay on topic.

I've never thought vajazzling was "trashy". I've dabbled in it some but it's never been real big here. I always thought it was just fun. I've been able to drum up interest from brides for their wedding night to do a discreet heart under their lingerie.

My spa does a ton of retail. Lalicious body products are huge. Voluspa candles sell big. Jewelry sells okay.

Tea did not sell well here and we had some cute products for it. We ended up clearancing them.

What type of jewelry does your spa sell? Is there a certain brand? My friend makes jewelry, so I was thinking I might ask her if she wants to sell some pieces in my spa on commission. I'm also thinking about doing the same thing with artists who do paintings. It's a win-win because the spa has artwork on the walls and the artist gets to sell their pieces and get exposure.

I can see tea not being a big seller, as so many people just aren't tea drinkers. The trick to making most teas taste good is to add milk and honey, like the brits do it. :) It's a shame because there are some really cute tea accessories.

It's always someone local. They change out all the time to another artist. I remember though we had those wrap around bracelets called dirty earth or something like that. They were very popular. Each was $60. Even I wanted one but I'm too cheap.

Yeah, Dirty Earth. Precious stone and leather bracelets.

I'm a forty year old fat lady applying "vagazziling" to other 40 year old fat ladies. We have a hoot. Do a little hip tattoo. It's all in good taste I assure you.  ;-) 

Our Jewlery was actually made by one of our receptionists.  We are also a local artist colony nearby and there is a HUGE amount of tea drinkers in our area. So our Tea stuff flew off the shelves.  Love the local Artwork idea! That's just brilliant!

Haha! Okay, you're making me LOL.

I'm from Indiana... I'm trying to think of artist colonies... Brown County?



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