Have any of you tried selling retail other than the obvious skin care products within your spa or studio? I rent a suite within a large salon (Sola Studios). I was thinking of starting to retail products such as candles, scarves, little bits and bobs like candle holders, picture frames, jewelry, etc. I don't know if it would be worth the investment, but I have noticed a larger spa in my area is now retailing (and pushing these products on their facebook page) some candles, jewelry, soft blankets/throws, and even a few apparel items like high end sweatshirts...

What do you think?

I never thought I'd consider it.. mostly because I had an experience one time getting my hair done at a very high end salon in my city and the salon owner, after doing my hair, REALLY pushed some items on me that I had no interest in. She was trying to get me to buy some new clothes.. she had a whole little boutique of clothing in her salon filled with hideous, gawdy clothing. It was a total turnoff. I don't like pushing products on people.. so I'm not sure.

Any thoughts?

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I like the idea of chocolate a lot. Tea is also great. I like the chocolate lotion bars as well. A gift basket or a whole chocolate themed service that includes a chocolate gift would be awesome for February.

I your reply was very helpful.  I have been researching the candles and scarves.  Which brand of candles do you recommend and scarve companies?  Thanks in a!

I like the idea of body products and such.  Maybe around the holidays you could bring in other items.  Aromatherapy is another good one. 

My owner just brought in a huge display of aromatherapy and how to use it and we have people who specifically come to our store for it!  It's been a huge hit!

what line is it?


OH! I forgot! Once I had this idea of selling pottery from a friend of mine who makes it in her spare time.  I thought maybe a few dishes or cups for makeup brushes and such.  The former owner of my shop thought I was absolutely crazy! LoL At first I was like, well... maybe not such a good idea.  They practically ran out of the store!  So, one can never really tell.  I think as long as something is unique and interesting and maybe something you can't really get anywhere else.  I sell a lot of eyebrow trimming kits though, so maybe not. :D

That's the key. Unique and interesting. If it's jewelry it can't be some standard fare from the bead lady down the street. It's got to have a style or flare that stands out. Then it's got to be replaced quick after it sells out by something new. Because once things become a hit, everyone starts making them and selling them.

I agree that unique and interesting items are so important in order for them to sell. I love it when I find a cute little gift shop with quirky items or extremely beautiful things you just don't see often. I'm thinking about carrying these little soaps that look like slices of cake and cupcakes. They seriously look real! And I want to display them on little ceramic cupcake stands which can also be purchased. It looks so adorable! I think the presentation of the items is also important.


Love your ideas. Would you friend care to wholesale some of those pottery items?

Where do you get your eyebrow kits?

I've tried shower/bath items they didn't do well at all. I still have most of them and am marking them for clearance tomorrow:)

I would highly recommend starting slowly.  Bring in one or two new items.  PErhaps something like a natural extention of skin that is a good choice seasonally.  It is really easy to get to much money just sitting on your shelf and hard to turn it around sometimes from that point... 


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