Have any of you tried selling retail other than the obvious skin care products within your spa or studio? I rent a suite within a large salon (Sola Studios). I was thinking of starting to retail products such as candles, scarves, little bits and bobs like candle holders, picture frames, jewelry, etc. I don't know if it would be worth the investment, but I have noticed a larger spa in my area is now retailing (and pushing these products on their facebook page) some candles, jewelry, soft blankets/throws, and even a few apparel items like high end sweatshirts...

What do you think?

I never thought I'd consider it.. mostly because I had an experience one time getting my hair done at a very high end salon in my city and the salon owner, after doing my hair, REALLY pushed some items on me that I had no interest in. She was trying to get me to buy some new clothes.. she had a whole little boutique of clothing in her salon filled with hideous, gawdy clothing. It was a total turnoff. I don't like pushing products on people.. so I'm not sure.

Any thoughts?

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If you could get jewelry on consignment that would be great, because you wouldn't need to spend money to make a bit of money, and women do love jewelry. Another possibility, if you're keen to have a little retail, would be hand-made cards. You might have a standard card you give out with gift certificates, but have some special ones for people to choose. Again, if you can get a local artist to make them, and take them on consignment, everyone wins. : )

 Definately YES! This is a good idea. it can increase your income with little effort. plus it is good if you have the space to work for you instead of the opposite. Candles, scarves-- little braclets do really well, robes & matching slippers-do well, lotions like Spa Blends- containers of all sizes n scents, little travel manicuring sets, and if u can find a local jeweler who designs & makes necklaces do well too. then during events and holidays you have Lots to play with and put grab bag packages for everyone ( esp. men) to come in and pick up along with gift certificates so they have a gift to open with it! the spa I used to work at sold lots. When I can have more space for my skincare I will be looking forward to doing the same. all around good for you and your customers!  YOU SELL MORE BY POWER OF SUGGESTION! That is..... NO NEED TO BE PUSHY!! Have Fun with it!

Soi Candles do great and containers are refillable. candles sell themselves really. remember to start off with small quanities. and move them around the place or the shelves-all retail does this and you would be surprized how people thought it was brand new just cus u reaqrranged it to a different shelf! I know sounds crazy but it's true! I worked ten years at Nordstrom but learned it at Victoria's Secret displaying lotions & potions and it tested true. I would say no to food products or chocolates- they go bad fast. baseball hats & Visors with your skincare name on it can do well and advertise for you, esp if your community is golfers & tennis players or swimmers. Then if you do a peel on someone and they forgot a hat or scarf to protect from the sun they can buy one of yours!




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