Doing a little market analysis. Is anyone familiar with Auspect skin care line? If so what are your thoughts? Is the price point marketable? Do you think it's comparable to other professional lines (PCA, skin ceuticals, skin medica etc..)? Thinking about making a large investment and would love any input ! Thank You!

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The answer is 'No'. Not even a fair game.  The brands you are comparing (which two of them are from Pre-2000) are among, that I believe, the ones that created the skincare industry. Most brands today and private label started by copying 2 of the 3 brands you mention. 

Please see my education and not my skincare line to know and understand where my opinion and facts come from.  Please pass all documents that are product related. Do not even register just look at the pictures. I do not want you to think my opinion is not seriously founded on some facts. You will either think they are or not and with that, give this post attention or nothing at all.

I am sorry but line for line you are not comparing apples to apples. Please realize that I have not looked into the three you mention as of late and do not know what changes if any they have made from my last view. I believe PCA was recently bought by private equity and when this happens changes do occur.

I hope this helps.  I did review a few products from the line you asked about but only spent about 20 minutes.

Marty Glenn


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