I am looking to add a skin care line to my spa that is sold to professionals only.   Any leads?  Thanks so much.

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hey! check out environ skincare, they don't sell online anywhere! only in spas/offices. =)

thank you so much!

PCA Skin, and their education is phenomenal.

I like PCA Skin and used it for years.  I still use some of it.  I was horrified when one of my loyal clients told me they found all the products they use on Amazon for half the price! She even brought me the bottles and they were not expired and appeared to be authentic.  I was so embarrassed and feared I'd lose her confidence.  I apologized, told her I'd look into it, which I did.  PCA rep told me there's nothing they can do to prevent that from happening, even though it isn't legal and that the products are usually expired.  3 years later, she still comes to me for monthly treatments, but I lost her retail sales :( 

Hi Michelle

Try Azten Skin Care.  They have some wonderful products, however a little on the pricey side. Catheirne Azten has been in the business for a very long time and monitors the company tightly for unauthorized sellers. She has been in the business for many years and has done numerous interviews with Dermascope..


Your own.   Think about private label.   I compiled a chart of every major brand.   The columns mark where they are sold.   Columns include Amazon, Ebay, direct from the Brand, Dermstore.com, etc.

The branded lines cannot stop diverters.   What's worse is they often list where not to buy on their website, ergo telling your clients where they can get it even cheaper.


Create your own brand.   Then you can sell it online yourself without trying to sell the same thing as 1000 other people.

I agree.  The only true way to protect your rights to sell is to create your own brand.  However, that also means renaming the product, too - not just putting your name on it.

I am a huge YG Labs supporter, I went with their product line 12 years ago and have never looked back.  I moved from the DC area to Florida and am re-opening my skin care business Oct 1st.  Although I have my name on the product, I decided not to change the product name.

One of my big sellers was Orange Cleansing Souffle.  That can be Googled and it will come up with the other esthetician / suppliers that sell it.  The key difference for me and my clients is loyalty.  I just make sure my pricing is within reason - and take into account shipping costs and wait time.

I want my clients to be happy.  If saving a few dollars, paying for shipping, and buying from an unknown source is their style, I have to accept that.  What they can't get online are my magic hands and treatment selections.

I use Pharmco labs out of Florida. Great pricing and quality products. You can do private label or no label at all.

My name is Yolanda Russo and I represent Beauty On Command and Speranzi Spa. We have a skin care line for acne and mature skin. Three products in each line. It makes it simple for clients and for the esthetician. This product is not sold online as it is our label product. We've used it successfully in our spa for past 8 years and we can sell it to professionals like you as well as retailing to our clients at the spa. You can definitely make profit and your clients will always come back to you to repurchase it.

If you'd like to try the product please let me know. I can be reached at 201 301 0739. Looking forward to talking to you.

Michele Corley

She has good products at fair pricing. I especially love her SPF and Vit.. C serum

I carry Sanitas and some of my Esty friends use Osmosis, Arcona and Glo. Sanitas offers continuing education at their facility in Boulder and they only sell to licensed professionals/spas.  

(I mainly do waxing and have phased out facials. I only offer a couple of quick skin care treatments, so I'm not using or selling many facial products. I just know these are lines that are sold to/by professionals and can be carried in a spa of any size.)

You can consider Face Masks from IBeautyLabs http://www.ibeautylabs.com/. They are great for Spa and highly recommended by professionals. 


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