I'm currently using Circadia which I like but am looking to replace with a line offering more professional treatments and a wider variety of serums/specialty products for home use. As organic as possible.  Strictly no animal derived ingredients or testing. I love that both Skin Fitness and Skin Skripts have seasonal offerings and seemingly great marketing/promotional/educational/supportive tools.  Circadia offers little to none, at least in my experience.  Thanks in advance :-)

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Hi Gillian,

You should take a look at my line, Michele Corley Clinical Skin Care. 

We provide a multitude of effective serums and specialty products for home use.  We have result driven treatment protocols as well. 

We try and stay as close to natural/organic as possible, while still delivering real results.

Some other benefits of Michele Corley Clinical Skin Care:

No minimum orders or piece requirements.

Our products are not sold online to protect your spa product sales. 

Most of our customers enjoy a three to five time markup which has been a great contributor to additional profit and growth for their facilities. 

You can find a wealth of information on my website, www.michelecorleyclinicalskincare.com  

I would welcome a conversation to learn more about your business and goals and how we can benefit you.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions or be of assistance in any way.

Michele Corley

Thank you Michele.  I'll check it out.

I just quickly google searched Skin Fitness, and the thing that turned me off was that the very first link was to a 3rd party online store selling their products.  On the company's own page, it looks to me like some of the product descriptions were scientifically inaccurate (for example, calling an EGF serum "antibiotic for the skin," when in reality, there are actual topical antibiotics on the market, and EGF has nothing to do with killing bacteria, it's all about cell formation).  To me, these types of oversights are pretty telling that a company does not have their act together.  I'd say keep looking :)

Yeah.  I wondered.  Thanks for the feedback. I'll look closer at Skin Skript.   :-)

Hello-- I would love to discuss 2B Bio Beauty with you!  You can see more about our organic ingredients and natural products, on my websiteThanks! JenR. 


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