Hello all, I have previously posted my spa equipment question, but when I came up with another important topic to write about that I would love to hear feedback on, I decided to just combine the two topics in this one post to avoid several different posts from me filling up the feed. So...

First topic:
As I have posted before I am in the final stages of getting my new business ready; my treatment room is not small, but not big either. I have done everything I could to make it look luxurious, simple, clean, and un-cluttered. There's just one issue I am having; I have a serperate steamer and a serperate mag-lamp; the mag-lamp base is HUGE for some reason, it takes up soo much space! I can see it totally getting in the way when I'm doing treatments. I don't want to have to order a whole new mag-lamp; however the manual for the steamer I have says I can add a bracket onto it which connects a mag-lamp, unfortunately this company only sells this bracket with the mag/lamp as one whole package;and clearly I only need the bracket. Does anyone know of a website where I can find & order just a single bracket that will connect my mag lamp to my steamer? Any other ideas?

Second Topic:
I have always been interested in the pH levels of the body, what alkalines the body for better overall health, which led me to believe pH of the skin is equally important, from there I was interested to dig a little bit deeper into how it works & what needs to be done to neutralize it, etcetc, so I purchased what's called a "pH Pencil" from universalcompanies.com; how it works...moisten the skin with distilled water, mark with the ph pencil, wait 15 seconds, and compare with the given color chart we all know of, and this tells me the exact pH of the skin. I figured this would help me do a little bit more of an accurate/advanced skin analysis, just that something extra to represent me and my business, what I believe in.
I am very interested to hear from other etsy's here what they think of this pH test, if anyone has used it, what they felt about it, and if there are any recommendations to go along with using this system on clients.

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Hi Nina, congrats on your new business!

As for your mag lamp question, Universal Companies sells some small brackets, I believe they are about $22, that you can bolt to a wall, a rolling cart, or a sink cabinet.  If you don't have a wooden rolling cart, consider buying 2 brackets and bolting one to the wall (be sure to find a stud) and the other to your sink cabinet, so that you have maximum flexibility in positioning the lamp (the lamp is very easy to move from one bracket to the other - just make sure not to pinch your fingers in the lamp arm)!

As for the pH testing of the skin, I do have that pH pencil but had always just used it to test people's products by applying to clear glass or white ceramic.  What I have heard about testing the skin's pH is that it is not a reliable measure, as that number fluctuates throughout the day.  I will try it out when I get to my studio, for sure.  I would imagine that to get the most accurate results, you'd want to dampen the tip of the pencil instead of the skin, to make sure you aren't diluting the acid mantle on the skin with water, and be sure to test over dirty skin (aka, whatever is on their skin when they walk in the door).  If you test after cleansing, skin will always appear too alkaline, and if you cleanse after toning, it will always appear acidic.

interesting on the pH pencil-had not heard  of or seen  it. Now I'm curious.

Can't help you on the other question. My mag. light/steamer was purchased that way. I hate the amount of space the base it takes up, likely a safety feature so it won't tip over as easy.


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