Does anyone do spa parties/mobile spas?  I am thinking of doing this but would like some input from others.  

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Hello to ALL who have asked for info about running a mobile spa business (not from a van, but visiting peoples homes or hotels/parties etc).   I cannot give all of you my old boss's email address as she will get bombarded with emails and that is not fair.  BUT, she did email me with a brief synopsis as to how she found the whole experience.  It is a bit negative....but she is a very honest woman who is now very successful running another business (so she 'isn't' a dumb chick with negative attitudes all the way)

 Remember this is about California and she cannot speak for other states in the U.S!!!

Here is the copy of her email that she sent to me, so you can all read it: ...............................


  • I personally don't have any except I met some very cool people who I admire very much (like you, Claire!).
  • It's a 24/ job with no breaks.
  • It can be hard to turn a profit if you are not actually doing the spa work yourself.
  • You will be constantly hiring and firing. 
  • Spa workers steal your clients -- and you cannot be there to watch every single one.
  • The mobile spa business is illegal in the state of California according to the Board.
  • You will have a lot of trouble with getting the right business license, especially if mobile massage is involved.
  • You have to pay off the people at hotels to get the job.
  • Finding work can be challenging; competition is stiff.
  • Spa parties are actually illegal. 
I did it as part of a franchise, which made it worse. I paid 50% to techs, 20% to franchise company, and the other 30% barely covered overhead costs. I lost tens of thousands of dollars and declared bankruptcy. 

Sounds pretty negative, I have to say yes it's alot of work, we had alot of parties that were friends and family first then, their friends and so on...maybe work it out like that first, see how it goes with

a friend and her guests. That my thought, good luck!

yup.   just passing on her experience.  don't shoot the messenger! :)

would never shoot the messenger ;o) Thanks for your info!

Well, at least we know now. Now to figure out how to work around it...

Better check with the state board -- last time I checked, mobile cosmetology services are illegal in Texas

I'm a esthetician student and I have a lot ideas for my future mobile "wax", I emphazize this word because a lot of people want wax, male and women, I'm going to offer the facial and the other treatments for people who ask for them. I have a friend who do waxing
mobile services and earn good money with them, she did her marketing in the gym, and she visited night clubs know that kind of night clubs jiji.
Thanks for the info! I don 't want to start a big mobile business just myself and maybe a massage therapist doing facials and maybe wax more like spa parties. In az you can do mobile services but you have to have a non mobil salon license and follow certain rules like have a copy of your licenses with you, sanitize items at your salon etc.. still not sure if i ll do it yet. It s a lot of stuff to lug around!

Unfortunately, all of the services you and your cosmetology licensed colleagues in California offered were illegally performed and grounds for losing your license.

7. I would like to offer spa/bridal parties in the consumers' home; is this legal?
No. Any type of service that is regulated by the Board needs to be performed by a licensee in a licensed establishment. Licensee's providing spa / bridal parties at an unlicensed location may be cited for Business and Profession Code 7317. Practice of Barbering, Cosmetology, or Electrolysis for Compe...which carries a $1,000 fine.


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