Hello, I'm staring my business & I'm looking for a spa software that can help me maintain my inventory, link up w/all my devices, connect w/clients on social media & etc..... Any ideas??
Thank you in advance

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I would suggest "Vagaro". I've been using the software for 3 years and it's been a great managing & inventory tracking tool for us! Good luck!
Sounds like that's what I'm looking for, thank you

I've been using Spabooker for a few years and really like it too.

Thank you, I will check them out.

Here's a page with all the options.  Spa Software

You can filter the search over on the right by features.  They will all do what you want.  I have evaluated quite a few.   They all have weaknesses and some have strengths

Take a long look at Pro Solutions Software's Transcend.   It is especially strong at managing client marketing.  Millenium is a strong player in the market.  MindBody is much better for membership based businesses.  My first hand experience with Orchid Medical Spa software is that it is awful.   

You will also be faced with a decision on how to purchase your software.  You can buy it and install it on a computer.  You can lease it by month.   You can pay a monthly fee to run it on the cloud.   I recommend the third choice.   It may cost a little more, but 1)  you don't have to ever buy or install an upgrade,  2)  you don't have to worry about crashes and having backups, and 3)  you can run it from any computer anywhere.  

Spa Biz!


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