I have a question...on a lighter topic. Do you prefer to stand or sit or both during your treatments?

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Stand. All I do is wax, so I'm often moving around the table.


I personally like to stand, although I mostly perform facials.  I tend to hunch and hurt my back when I sit, plus I don't have the noisiness of the chair rolling around :)

When I first started in the industry I used to sit.  I never felt like I could really see my clients skin.  I have been standing for about 4 years now and would not go back to sitting.  I can move around much easier and honestly my back hurts less with standing.  I wear very supportive shoes as well - Dansko.

I stand until I get to the facial massage portion of my treatment.  Then I sit on a medicine ball.  I find that my movements are much more fluid when I'm sitting.

Depending on the treatment being done, I do both... On a facial I sit during the cleansing, exfoliating and masking and always stand during skin analysis and the massage. If it's a body treatment or waxing I always stand.

I do both. I get bored easily and some things I just find easier to do while standing or sitting. It just depends on the treatment and the person I'm working on!


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