ok so i just got a new steamer that just doesn't push the steam with as much force as my last.  My question is kind of silly, but i've seen some youtube videos of estys steaming the clients with the steamer seemingly right over the face steaming downward.  i always kept mine about 15 inches away placing the steamer right around the hip area to the side of the client.  Just curious where you all are placing the steamer and if angle on to the skin is of any importance.  Thanks.

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I use a table top steamer, and the angle seems to be very important.  I would recommend watching the steam for a while, on an empty table, placing it where you think it would be most effective, and then jumping on the table yourself to feel what the client will feel.  It will take a little adjusting but soon you'll find the perfect spot.  I know for me it means that the edge of my rolling cart is snuggled in to the armrest of my table, and that the table needs to be within a certain height range of elevation.


I position mine at the forehead and spray down the nose so they don't choke.

I with Amy Sherman on this one.  I always have the steamer behind the head coming down onto the forehead and nose.  Whenever I have had a facial they have it pointing from the chin up.  I always felt like I couldn't catch my breath.  I recommend 12-15 inches behind the head but high enough that it billows down onto their face, neck and chest.

while reading that, I got all relaxed like I was being steamed. ahhhh!

When I first went to beauty school, I had several of my friends describe horrible incidents in which they couldn't breath while steaming.  So, I started doing it this way.  At school they had us put the mag lamp, off, and position it on the other side of the face so the steam stayed over the face. But, again, I found this to be a bit choke-y.


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