Suggestions for adolescent client that recently discontinued Accutane due to increased cost. First appointment is this week.

Mom states he is starting to have breakouts again since discontinuing med in late December. Any suggestions on how to approach treatment are greatly appreciated. Also, do any of you know how to get accutane treatment affordably? This family has no insurance.

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Generally a client must be off accutane for at least 6 mos before starting on any topical regimen.  Truth is acne can be controlled (never cured) without the use of oral isotretinoine.  I am not a supporter of taking anything orally for treatment of acne unless it is natural supplements - not antibiotics, etc.  Do research on the risks oral isotretinoine - it is pretty scary.   I would suggest speaking with the reps at your skin care company to help direct you with the product line you currently use.  Get their opinion on accutane and when they feel it is safe to start him on topicals.  I have worked with lots of acne clients with great success without oral meds.   If working with acne is something you are interested in I would suggest furthering your education because working with delicate skin after accutane can be very difficult.  I hope that helps!

I would probably focus on doing weekly blue LED treatments until skin is ready for exfoliation.

I'd recommend that he cut out dairy, sugar, and wheat and start taking zinc citrate or picolinate (always with food) about 10-50mg daily. Have them check with the doctor before taking ANY supplements. Also have him increase water intake and take an Omega-3 (again, check with doctor).

I also recommend that my client eat grapefruit. it's a known blood cleanser and it works great at clearing the skin from the inside. I love the LED blue! I don't know why I didn't think about that! 

Thank you ladies for your replies & recommendations. I really appreciate it. I will be giving her a lot of printed information on all risks of Accutane & tell her to talk to the doctor again for more instuctions on his care.  


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