Fellow Estys...need some help. I'm a new esthetician of two years. I had a client today with Keratosis Pilaris. My daughter also has KP on her face and arms. What facial protocol would you recommend?

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I have several clients with Keratosis Pilaris.  I have only experienced the condition on the arms - not the face.  So these protocols are for arms only.  I have sent clients home with instructions to exfoliate (perhaps daily) and moisturize well. For mechanical exfoliation I suggest granulated sugar mixed with olive oil or I do sell supracor spa cell sponges (clients love them).  Some respond well to that, but most have to use a daily topical exfoliant.  I like to use a 15% glycolic on the arms twice daily until arms are feeling less bumpy then decrease to once daily.  For more extensive cases I do microdermabrasion followed by a salicylic acid 25% peel.  I like to do a couple of these about 10 days apart which is very helpful to boost the skin initially and for the client to maintain the results afterwards. Of course, always recommend sunscreen since the products being used increase photosensitivity.  I hope that helps!

Thanks Erin for the info. I've had several clients ask me on what they should do for their KP on their arms. Again, thank you so much. Going to write this info down :-)

I recently had a client with KP.  Glycolic acid at a low strength used consistently with exfoliation worked well.  It may take time to clear, but this was very beneficial.

Thanks Ms. Susan...going to try this. I also read that moisturizing after exfoliating the area is extremely important too.

Yara, I suffer from this as well. The comments below are right on cue. I exfoliate everyday and alternate micro/peels every 2 weeks. It has made a huge different and made me feel better about showing off my arms!

Thank you John! I have two clients that have KP on their arms only. So I had started them on DT microdermabrasion and they noticed improvement. I think the peels will help it alot more! :-)

I took a PCA class and they have a dry skin relief bar that someone said works wonders for this.  You can use it with the clarisonic too.  I haven't used this or had experience but the ladies in the class loved it.

Thanks Ms. Sheila, a few of my clients use Clarisonic...I think its time that I purchase one!. The clients that do use Clarisonic have pretty clear skin :-)

I have KP on arms since FOREVER, used to be on top of thighs also (not so much there anymore? odd). Since becoming a skin care professional I have tried EVERYTHING...but technically speaking I know it will never stop, so I have given up Microd. + peels...I will start a few wks. before a function I may be attending...After so many years, it is daunting to try to continue the treatments, even owning my own business! It is still endless, I know every new hair that comes out will start another spot, just endless. I know how my cients feel and do support them with this as they try to keep up with theirs (without mentioning my kind of giving up, of course).

Thank you so much Kathleen. I have two preteen clients who have KP including my daughter.  As a matter of fact, one of my clients who has keratosis pilaris rubra faceii came in today.  her mother had taken her to the pediatrician and he recommended Retin-A. Mom was not agreeable to that and asked for an alternative. He said...a facial would be the next best thing. Mom and I agree on the facial. My client is really young and I would never do anything aggressive. I have seen her twice and have provided more of a moisturizing type facial as her skin is dry. Mom states that her skin has improved since the last time I saw her about a month ago.

Im still new to the esthetician field and have lots to learn. I hope that I'm doing enough for the skin condition. I do not see where I would do microderm or peels until she's an adult. Any suggestions?

I have had great results with;

Body: daily dry brushing the body before a shower followed by a rose hip/jojoba oil blended with lavender, melissa and a small amount of patchouli.

Face: nightly application of a mild aha(-10%) enzyme serum, topical probiotic serum and a moisturizer with essential fatty acids applied over the top.

I also recommend essential fatty acids internally as well as vitamin D3.


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