Ok I know we all like to share new products or toys so I wanted to let you know that I love this sunblock!!  If you check it out on the cosmetic.org, it rates about a 3 for toxicity as opposed to most store bought brands which are upwards of 8 and 9.  You can check their website out for more info as well.  I purchased this a while back through a recommendation on an Esty blog (lucky magazine was selling the 18oz at bogo free so I thought what the heck.  Most sunblocks make me rashy and irritated plus are loaded with chemicals.  While I don't live an organic lifestyle, I am aware of these types of things.  I loved that the 18 oz came in a pump too!!  So i got the sunblock and I have to say I LOVED it.  It applies nice, no stingy or irritation, a tad greasy at first but you don't feel like you have sunblock on after you apply, and the stuff WORKS!  I have been using for about a year now and have never experienced a sunburn and now all of my friends are addicted to it too.  I had to buy more (you can get from Ulta) at retail price which is gutwrenching sometimes :) and all of my friends kept saying Hey you have that sunblock...so I decided to look into wholesale. 

They had a min order of $500 I think but I simply asked if they were willing to work with me since I am a sole practitioner and they were!  The cc was really amazing!  I only brought on the Everyday Face and body spf 30, although I don't recommend for daily use on the face.  There were one or 2 pore cloggers according to Lauras list.  I think it's fine for body, but I still ike my Skin Scripts for face, although in a pinch I have used on my face with out a reaction.  I also brought on the mintfusion lip balm and love that as well. 

I am sampling the spray for myself.  Usually I don't like spray...but I thought if you apply the block before leaving and use the spray for additional application you will probably have good coverage.  I usually burn with sprays.  I also didn't care for the Acai lip spf...left a funky taste in your mouth.

I am not getting anything from this plug but I wanted to pass along the info.  It's not MLM or anything like that.  Just a product that I really feel is great.  I am not using it in my treatment room to apply to neck shoulders and arms.  Clients are loving it and I feel the price point is really great.  $15 retail for 1.5 oz or $48 for 18 ounces.  The 18 ounce is great for people with children and is safe for children 4 mos and older!!  Let me know what you think if you check them out.


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