I have been ordering from Universal Companies for the past 6 months. I keep having order after order messed up, broken equipment, wrong products...and today's latest fiasco: I ordered 2 of the Spa Ritual Body Kits, and as soon as I seen the UPS guy walking up with my 50+lb box I knew it was ruined. The entire box was covered in oil. Upon opening it 2 seperate bottles of sunflower oil were completely open. As always, Universal is willing to replace the merchandise. However, I am having one bad experience after another with this company. The customer service is phenomonal, no complaints there. But I can not afford for this sort of thing to be happening ALL the time. Does anyone have a similar company that offers the sort of stuff that Universal offers?! I am at a loss!! I have looked at CosmoProf, but they don't seem to have any actual skin care products available on the scale I am looking for. Thank you so much!!


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Hi Amanda,

I currently use two companies: terrybinnscatalog.com...great service and prices out of Kansas City, MO.. ask for Steve Smires..

I also use Essenavita.com for various supplies. Fast delivery great prices as well.  I've compare prices and both of these companies offer the lowest prices with excellent service!


Good luck!


I like Alexander's Aesthetics. The owner of the Arizona location is Bertha Fortenberry  480-225-1650.  Call her for a catalog and price list.
I get some supplies from Http://www.premiernailsource.com. Low cost waxing strips and sticks. Terry Binns for wax. You might also look for a local medical supply company in your area. I buy gloves, TP, 2x2's, etc from them at cheap prices, and they may even deliver for free.

Jaco is another supplier catalog too. I too have had issues with Universal, very similar. Frustrating !


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