The post below was discussed at a recent class I was part of in Canada. I really enjoyed giving the information and discussing it with the students. It was well received so I thought I would post it here.


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Sorry.  Do no click the link above it takes you away from the site within the same window and does not open new window - did not know this.

Click this one:


:) Oh and if you liked this and it was good information please let me know.  Thank you.


To everyone on this board. If you want to know how and what the skin care industry is and how it works and how ingredients comes to market please read and look at this post.

This information is probably the most important thing I have EVER contributed to this board. Especially for new estys


Thanks Marty for sharing all this information is great and there is so much to learn I get lost lol I am new Esthy and trying to learn as much as I can as you know schools teach you just the very basic and not even. I appreciate your time in posting this interesting information.


Your welcome.  I am so shocked that this only has 65 views. So many of the questions and comments about skin care and ingrediens comes directly from this post and understanding this post.



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