I'm interested to find out how much other estheticians are tipped for their services. What percent do you think you should get from clients? What do you actually get? Also, do you work as an employee, independent contractor, or a salon/spa owner who employs/contracts others? And, what kind of environment do you work in (i.e. seasonal resort, boutique studio, fitness spa, downtown salon, suburb, income level of area)?

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I worked as an independent renting space within a boutique salon. Even though I owned that portion of the business, most of my clients would still tip at least 20%. It was an affluent clientele and I was lucky enough to have several clients that would regularly tip 100% of the actual service price. That is pretty rare however, and I was fortunate. Tips can really add a significant amount to your bottom line!

I usually get between 10-20%.  Some are more generous than others.  I'm an employee of a spa. 

At my resort spa I received an automatic 16% gratuity+ anything else per their discretion. At the other spa I worked at it was between 10-20% and this was because the spa didn't allow us to receive credit card tips...kind of just became whatever anyone had in their pockets or by check, unless they knew about the policy in advance.

Over all it probably ave. 12%-when you include the ones who don't tip. I haven't figured it out in a long time. Several don't tip at all especially on Gift Certicates and it is the rare giver that includes a tip with the GC. I sometimes get asked since it's my business ( I rent space in a salon) should they tip?-way back when - you didn't tip the owner-only the staff, it was considered rude!


On this same topic, how do you answer a client when they ask if they should tip you?  Sometimes the way they word it, it's awkward.  If they ask if I can accept tips, then it's a simple yes.  But I've been asked..."Do people tip you?  How much?"  I feel odd answering those types of questions.  Or 'Should I tip you?'.  

Agree with it being awkward. In my current situation, I say it is customary if they happy with the service. When I worked out of my home, when asked - I smiled said it was fine if they wanted to, however I'd much rather have them refer their friends and family.
When they ask how much, I say 15-20% and up. Originally, in many occupations it was to reward service-the better the service the higher the tip.

I was taught many years ago when I started in this industry (25 years ago!) not to accept tips. I'm not saying I agree with this, just that this is what I was taught. I have always been a spa owner, so my response to this question from clients has been "thank you so much for asking, but I would much rather have you use that money to come back and visit me next month". It has worked really well for me over the years...they come back! I've taken the pressure off of them. They feel comfortable with me and I've created a trust bond.

As an owner this is how I feel...I charge the amount I want for my services so expecting a tip on top of that is expecting a lot. I should be doing a fabulous job whether they tip or don't tip. I realize as an employee you don't make as much per treatment so the tips truly do help raise your income. I must say that I always feel great when the esty that works for me gets excited about a large tip! I feel like we should not expect it but be very grateful when we receive it!

That's an interesting take on the subject. Something to think about!


Thankyou for the invite to your visit to Colorado. I am a member who rarely checks in with ASCP . I wear all the hats in my small business and working on moving out of he treatment room and training another esty my technique that was passed forward to me when i was first licenced. Where are the details of your visit? I may try to come and meet you.

I agree totally with your comment on tipping. Especially in this economy , i want my clients to love their service and purchase products to maintain their results. A tip is a gift in my mind and should not be expected when i charge what my service is worth. I have always thought the tipping expectations were out of line unless you are in a service position making minimum wage.

Hi Linda-Marie...I would love to meet you in Colorado! Here's the link to register:


As an independent and business owner, I wouldn't expect tips, and many clients feel that it's not necessary to tip an owner. So yes, if you get a tip, you should be that much more excited, and feel good that you're doing an awesome job. Like Shelley said, I agree we should always strive to do our very best regardless of whether we get tipped or not :)

I always get at least 20 percent. i really like the tips I receive. 


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