Just in from the October 2012 Skin Inc. magazine, the top 5 trends in hair removal are:

1. Brazilians are here to stay!

2. Vajazzling (if you don't know what it is, you need to read the article!)

3. High quality service

4. Combination hair reduction treatments

5. Hard wax

Read more about it in this month's Skin Inc.

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Vajazzling would be in high market for areas near strip clubs...thats for sure.  I read the article...High Quality service...which means no double dipping sticks... *face slap* ewww really????  #4 I would definilty prefer a soothing hair growth retardent cream to go home with.

Hard wax-I cant wait to try...but for some odd places such as nose hair.       I was looking at buying kits yesterday...and all the reviews I found were from ppl waxing themselves....I was a laughing mostly because If your waxing urself there are some ways you cant bend, reach, etc, and your more like to hesitate when time to pull...I wanted professional use reviews.  What do you guys think of Nufree, GiGi and Satinsmooth?

All of them are really good but I have have had great results with Nufree & cerepil. Your ambient humidity can make a difference on how your wax works so it depends on your area too. In the dry CO climate I need to be really careful not to overheat my hard wax, when I am in OR it is different.

Ohhh Cerepil!!! never heard of them but definitly saw it in my textbook, and its withing a pricerange too.

Yeah, We got a lesson on humidity an wax...my class did...missouri, 10 girls, small room...wax pot...stuff tends to slide rather than stick, esp when the client is hot themselves...

Yes, Brazilians are here to stay! I prefer Cerepil and Berodin for my blue hard wax, and I like The Wax Chick's Pina Colada hard wax too. I find them all to be very effective for Brazilians. I like Se Brazil's 7 wax (soft) for larger body parts, it's a speed wax so you can get your wax on and off quickly. Less time, more income.

Vagazzling is a fun little add-on service for Brazilians. I would add a little freebie one the first time. It's fun for vacations, or 'date-nights' too :) Once they get them, they usually want them again, so an extra $10-$20 is always a good thing! The Wax Chick has a nice little Vagazzling kit that I've tried. I'm sure there are quite a few out there. Remember too, that it the bling doesn't have to be 'down-there' you can bling their belly buttons, an ankle or a shoulder too:)

High quality service- to me means being following rules of santitation, no double dipping EVER and also, being thorough. I can't tell you how many times my clients have said 'wow- my last esthetician never tweezed or never took 'all' the hair off!' My thought it if a client is coming in for hair removal, they want the hair GONE, not a bunch of random hairs hanging around!

Some clients feel that numbing creams or gels actually help them, and though I think it's more of a mental thing, it doesn't hurt to have those options available for them! Having a retail product that slows growth/creates finer hair over time is certainly something clients would consider taking home. These product take a while to work, and they need to be used consistently, so be sure to let your client know how to use them, and what to expect from them :)

Let the waxing begin!

Yes, let both the waxing and the vajazzling begin! This is great info from both of you, Susanne and Kirsten, so thank you for input!

Sooo true.  Sanitation, sanitation, sanitation.  I just got my first brazzillian...using Nufree.  For me it was nothing...more the anticipation of the first rip.  I know those hair growth retardent creams take a while to work, need to use consistently...but dont they also help in preventing ingrowns...and if used consistently by  client, will give me another option to retail a product.  

Hi Sarah, some have exfoliating properties in them like salicylic acid that help with in-growns, but I would not recommend beginning to use those until at least 24 hours post waxing- usually a product for in-growns is too harsh to use in that delicate and freshly waxed area right after a wax. I'm sure everyone has their own opinion, but mine is safety and comfort first :) Reminding clients to gently exfoliate the area (depending on how sensitive they are) beginning 48 hours or so after the waxing helps a lot too. I also suggest using high frequency over a soothing aloe gel post wax, which helps post-wax breakouts and bumps as well. Some clients also find that taking a Benedryl just before or after a wax controls the post-wax histamine reaction, and a Tylenol helps with the overall inflammation. although be careful not to 'prescribe' to your clients so that we're not going outside our scope of practice! Another thing that I find helpful, is to have the individual alcohol wipes available for clients to cleanse the area prior to waxing. Put one down on the table, same instructors as the Dr., front to back :) By the time you come in they're prepped and ready to go!

True...a little slip and it could feel like having icy hot in a place you dont want....

I feel so left out! Can you vajazzle my belly button, or does it have to be waxed first? :-P

Abram.....they do have "Pejazzling".  Believe me i have done one on a client!! :)

Oh my! Can someone blush online? I have heard of this, and why not? We can't discriminate!

Haha! Good to know, thanks Claire :-)


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