Just in from the October 2012 Skin Inc. magazine, the top 5 trends in hair removal are:

1. Brazilians are here to stay!

2. Vajazzling (if you don't know what it is, you need to read the article!)

3. High quality service

4. Combination hair reduction treatments

5. Hard wax

Read more about it in this month's Skin Inc.

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hahah, you know where to find me Abram if you are going out on the town and need some sparkle!  I will even post pics to Twitter for you so you can RT them! ;)

LOL! Well thanks for offering... I think. ;-)

LOVE Lycon hard waxes. I use Deplieve pearl rosin for strip wax because it goes on so thin & comes off clean.

I've been doing bikini peels- for clients who are prone to ingrowns. Anyone else do this?

Absolutely love Cerepil hard wax and NuFree strip.

NuFree is soya based and so gentle I can apply in same area more than once. 


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