Hey guys. Next month I'm opening a waxing salon in the downtown area of my city. A problem I've dealt with in the years I've been waxing is when people come in with super long body hair. Not only does it make my job more difficult, but it also makes the service much more painful! At my current place of employment, we use a tiny pair of scissors to trim the hair prior to waxing. It takes way longer than it should, and it's scary coming at someone's crotch with some sharp, pointy scissors! Not only that, but it is pretty much impossible to trim someone's back or chest with scissors. There's just no easy way to do it. I want to keep a pair of clippers handy in my new place, so this is no longer an issue. Does anyone else use clippers on their clients' body hair? How do you go about properly cleaning your equipment? Any advice would be great. Thanks all!

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I do trim with clippers, I find it much easier.  Plus if your client does not remove all the hair you are able to clean the rest up so they don't have to do anything later.  You can get clippers that you can sanitize the attachments. Go to a beauty supply for professionals that is for stylists and someone will be able to point you in the right direction and the best way to clean them. 

You'll have to use the same cleaning protocol that is used by cosmetologists when they use electrical trimmers (or battery-operated, or rechargeable). Do your research: look up your state board standards of cleanliness (CLEAN or ASEPTIC technique very important). Remember that you're using something mechanical to trim body/pubic hair, so treat it in all seriousness when it comes to cleaning the equipment, and keep in mind that plain rubbing alcohol will dull your blades.

Congrats on your new venture and best of luck!

Regarding cleaning the equipment. check out Ellisons beauty in Uk . they have special equiment cleaner and it works . It cleans very well!! best of luck into new venture!!!!!!!

Hi there!  I am a waxing specialist as well, but I've never used scissors or clippers.  Do you find that helps with someone with longer hair?

Congrats on your own place!

I'm glad I ran across this. I've actually been curious if we as estheticians are allowed to use clippers? For Bikini's and Brazilians, I just trim with scissors a tiny bit. I think I'd actually be more terrified with someone having clippers up to my crotch! lol I haven't had any issues with the hair being too long anywhere else...but I could see with either the back or chest area. I've actually only had one client ask if I had clippers. 


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