I'm thinking about buying the bio-therapeutic hand held ultrasonic skin scrubber and would like some feedback on it
The company is having a sale ($225) for the handheld unit. Is this a good price? Any rec's for another brand?
Also how would I incorporate this into a facial? I normally do chemical peels, Microderm and micro-current treatments (where would this fit in?)
Thanks a bunch! 

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Hi Amber....I have a training video on my website, please feel free to watch it!


Use the spatula to take your cleanser off (deeper cleanse), then it use for extractions and after your microcurrent, if you put a mask on, penetrate it in with the spatula. Hope this helps!

Hi Shelley, thanks for all te great info on the skin spatula! I was wondering how you disinfect the skin spatula between clients?
Thanks :)
The metal is not porous, so you can just use a disinfecting or alcohol wipe.

If you do microderm you don't need this device. If you do microcurrent you also don't need this device. I am on the fence when it comes to their ultrasound ( product penetration sonophoresis) since I think it is too small to produce great power result ( even on Low Frequency Sonic ).. It's not easy.

I use the BT Micro hand held Ultrasonic tool and I love it.  I use it in Peel mode to remove the exfoliant and get a great result.  I have also used it to penetrate product (serums and masks) on the Ion mode. 


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