Hi ladies...do you have a separate UV sterilizer for all your instruments or combo with towel warmer, looking for a new warmer and sterilizer and thought to buy just one thing...

thx !

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The only thing with the combo is that the UV has a slight odor to it and penetrates the towels that you have in there already. What I do is add some essential oils to the towels right before a client comes in and right after turning the UV off. Clients LOVE the oils which is a bonus in skincare to use those anyways.

Hi Ashton what brand, and kind of essential oils do you use. I have a hard time finding ones that are not so overwhelming. Thank you!


Make a water spray bottle filled with distilled water and just a few drops of lavender or grapefruit I have used a lemon eucalyptus and tea tree also

I use only 1-2 drops per a large amount of warm water when I make my steamed towels every morning. Lavender works well for most people, but during the summer some tea tree is nice and even lemon or orange works really well. Things like rose and cinnamon are just too strong. I also do a small drop of whatever oil I used in the water once during the day to spruce it up again. Never had complaints only compliments

Love the idea of a comb to help conserve space and in most cases they more cost effective. Although, the practical side of me still prefers to purchase individually to avoid a combo with just one working function due to malfunction.
Also have to side with Ashton regarding the slight yet distinct scent of the UV light :)

I did a lot of research when I first bought mine and there were a lot of controversies over the hot towel cabinet with uv light and was it really enough to replace an actual sterilizer.  Everything I use is disposable so I don't even use my separate UV sterilizer.  Just a thought. 

actually excpet now I do have the dermafiles so I guess I will have to use it :).

What about tweezers or extraction tools? Do you not use or just liquid? I have separate and agree with smell. I only spray towels after client consult with water and essentials mix due to allergy or fragrance issues

I don't do a ton of waxing, only use hard wax and rarely tweeze btu when i do I wash them with antibacterial soap and spray with hospital disinfectant.  I use qtips and wrapped fingers for extractions.


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