I am trying to find out which is the best to use, also wheather they really do work as well as they seem to on youtube videos. I would like to buy one if they are that great and want to buy the best one I can.


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Yes it work very well, I used the lamprobe to my clients for acne, skin tags and other skin problem, however I found out in California  is not allow to do this kind of work, so I'm selling my lamprobe machine, you might want to find out if your state allow you to do that before you buy, and if you want to get one, let me know my machine just like brand new, I only used 8 clients. I paid over $5000.00 at the LV show

Is ur unit still for sale?
Cheryl shver

Hello Cheryl,

Yes I still has the lamprobe, it is excellent condition like new, I'm in California, where you at.

Hi Joanna,

Do you still have the Lamprobe?

Hello Terry:

Sorry no time to check the discussion, Yes I still has the Lamprobe machine, It is almost new, I only used few time on my clients. Find out California not allow to use, I like it alot but I'm scary to get fine, if you still interest to buy let me know, I paid over $5000.00 at the LV show

I bought a very very basic version of this technology as a floor model at a trade show.  Mine is called the SDS-68 Eliminating Spot Remover.  I buy replacement needles from an oriental medicine provider (they are acupuncture needles).  

It's very basic, but it definitely works!  At the same time, it is sort of scary doing treatments with it.  It cuts through lesions unbelievably quickly, so precision is a must, and there is a plume of smoke, so a mask is necessary.  I have really only performed it on my friends and staff members, because our state board rules are so vague, I would be concerned about insurance covering a treatment. 

I have also practiced with a vascular machine that Skin For Life used to carry (I don't see it any more on their site, and I remember the rep telling me they were only selling it to medical practices).  This machine had a foot pedal, which I think was MUCH better than my cheapie machine.  If I had a clearer idea of whether I could perform this treatment, and planned to get a nicer machine, a foot pedal would be a big criteria.  Besides that, I think they all sort of do a similar thing (transmit electricity similar to high frequency over the tip of the device), so I would focus on what's easiest and most precise for you to use.

Cool technology but it is true for most states its out of scope and then that affects insurance coverage.The general rule is if it removes or ablates live tissue its considered out of scope. It would be nice to get some clear rules from boards.

I'm very interested in buy this machine, do you still have it !

Make sure you check with your state board before doing the vascutouch, we learned it in school, used on each other, but couldn't use it on clients as it is not supported by our state board for use without medical supervision.

Hi, I have a Skin Classic Machine and love it!  I get great results and It's super easy to use.  Hope this helps.


Hi! I'm interested in the Skin Classic. Do you still love it?

I have been using the Skin Classic since this summer and I LOVE it!  I am having great success and my clients are blown away with the results and no scarring!  Stephanie is an amazing teacher too!


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