Would love to see what you've done with your space! Lets share some pictures and ideas with others on things you've done that you love, are proud of, of maybe even tried, but didn't quite turn out! Lets start our own little DIY spa space!

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Hi Kirsten, great idea. I'm always wondering how other rooms are setup or how I can improve.

Me too! I am currently creating a studio that has an 'evening garden theme.' My spa name is Firefly Therapy, so I have little firefly lights I created with craft wire and rice lights that glow on and off help create the look of little fireflies. I  entwined the lights into a canopy made with branches, above the treatment table. I'm still working on finding a rustic garden gate for the door of the studio, and installing a waterfall glass sink. It's always a work in progress but so much fun!  I will take a picture to share this weekend.

A few months back I was traveling in Utah for Skin Care Professionals Day, and saw a really stunning lash studio that was created with hot pink and black graffiti. It was very eye-catching and memorable. I just love seeing the creative ideas of others!

Anyone else?!

Oh cool Ally! If you are looking to add more of those cool door knobs as decor, Pier 1 had some gorgeous ones just a month or so ago. Hardwood is always beautiful, and I feel, cleaner.

Such a sweet idea! :)

The first pic is the before, others are after :).

PLease post the pictures when you are done with your space, sounds amazing!!


here are a few more


last two pics, sorry, it's hard to capture the room all in one pic.  It's really a cute little detached house from where I am renting.  They first showed me this tiny little space in another house and I felt like uumm no, but when they mentioned this one I said ok let me see that one.  :).  It was $150 more a month in rent but totally worth every penny!! 

Hope you ladies enjoy seeing them :).

I also have an interior design background...so I had a little bit of an edge in putting stuff together.  I also had an interior designer friend in Atl help me come up with color scheme and then I would text her when I was out making decisions.  It took about 6 weeks for it to come together. 


Kristen, your room sounds wonderfully relaxing! Do post pix! Ally, I too love the retro! Post pix Please! And Sheila! You have done a Great job! I would Love to have a treatment there!!! Thank you all for the inspiration. I am moving into my room at the beginning on next month. It's on the small side, but hoping to put all my ideas into play! Found a "Chi" aquarium/fountain. You can put plants and fish in it and it has LED lights! I so hope there is a place for it 8 )

Sounds amazing!  Please post pics when you are done.  I love seeing everyone's rooms too!  Thank you for the kind words.  There was a lot of blood sweat and tears that went into it.  Haha. 


Great job Sheila! can't wait to for others to post, what fun! Always great to get some new ideas and get the creative energy flowing!

Oh Tabatha, can't wait to see your little 'chi' aquarium! Is that the one without a lid that is like a floating square, for lack of better description? I have eyeballed those as well! I am looking for a dragonfly wall waterfall. Though fireflies are more the theme, they are hard to find!

That's the one! That same company has a rectangular one that is totally enclosed. so niftay! I will post pictures as soon as I have er all together! Thanks for starting this conversation! I have only been on here a couple weeks and am LOVING it!


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