Would love to see what you've done with your space! Lets share some pictures and ideas with others on things you've done that you love, are proud of, of maybe even tried, but didn't quite turn out! Lets start our own little DIY spa space!

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Wow, you all have done some amazing things with your rooms! Can't wait to see more pics!

I am new to this, i would love to see the pics, but i cant figure out how to do so... Any help would be greatly appreciated!!  Thanks..

I just clicked on the links below post, they came right up!

I agree! :) for some reason the only pics I see are the beautiful ones posted by Sheila... am I missing something?!

I think that is all that's been posted, I just put some up, tonight.

Anyone else have any other interesting room themes or ideas to share? Even if you don't have pictures? I bought a lot of my things for the room and the bathroom from IKEA- can't beat their prices and they have so many cool things!

@Kirsten ~ I would LOVE to see pics of your space, but can't seem to find them on this post?.. Did you post some? Your garden-theme sounds AMAZING! :)

I have recently been very "Goodwill" lucky!  You know how salons are supposed to have all enclosed trash cans?  Well I have been watching the price on these babies and they have some really slick ones that open with a wave of your hand in front of them, but they cost a small fortune.  I was strolling through my local Goodwill last week and found TWO!  A small one for $10 and a larger one for $15!!  These babies run $100 and up!!  Did I make out like a bandit or what!  AND a brand new paraffin heater for $10!!!  I'm a little excited! as you can tell. 

Hey Paulette,

Wow, way to go! I know how you feel, like you just hit a small lottery, right?! I love going to my local ARC store and you can find some awesome things there. Usually hit or miss, but it's fun to 'treasure hunt'! I like to go to garage sales in fancy neighborhoods too- amazing what people want to get rid of that is practically new and they'll almost give it away, fun, fun! I am currently looking for old picket fences to transform into shelves and an old wooden shaby-chic door for the entrance :) It's hard to describe how exciting it feels when you find the perfect thing!

Love the all the pics, perhaps I will take/post pics of my very crowded room and get opinions. 10 x 12, just kind of waiting for the economy to continue to rise back up. I think I want to take out my two antiques, and put in cabinets/counter, shelving. Have it more professional, than homey. I added 3 lithographs last year an esty grad. present to myself, man friendly I guess by my favorite LA artist. I want to target more men for waxing as I understand there is a need in my area. I have very few reg. men as massage clients, I think in the last year I've done 2 facials on men! Will be keeping my eye on this for future pics. thks for sharing. 

is the door to your room on the 10' wall or the 12' wall?  a pic would be great.  I would love to help you with ideas. 


Sounds so nice a tank with fish. Unfortunately, TN decided that fish are animals and you can not have them in a skin care space.

PS: Sheila, your room looks wonderful.


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